Junji Ito's Nightmarish Manga GYO Now Set To Terrify Anime Fans

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Junji Ito's Nightmarish Manga GYO Now Set To Terrify Anime Fans

Anime studio ufotable are bringing morbid manga master Junji Ito's putrid, and surreal, story of mutant zombie fish that sprout legs and attack Okinawa, Japan, to home video systems everywhere later this month.

Ok. Wrapped your head around that concept yet, readers? It's eccentric to say the least.

That's right,Gyo, that bizarr-o survival horror tale of a couple vs. bio-mechanical fart propelled rotting sea-life, is now a new OVA directed by Takayuki Hirao (Futakoi Alternative), and slated for release on Feb. 15'th.

Ito is probably most well-known as the creator of a couple of classic horror mangas, Tomie, and my personal favorite, Uzumaki. Both have been brought to the screen in live action incarnations, the Tomie manga spawning a long running series of films, about an immortal spectral girl, who causes people to become obsessed with her to the point of going murderously insane. The film version of Uzumaki while highly condensed , is still a brilliant color-saturated take on Ito's intricate b&w work, and the manga itself remains one of the only graphic novels that has ever creeped me out.

And now, yet another warped and twisted vision emerges from Ito's pen and onto the screen, as the whopping 4-minute trailer for the gross-out nightmare that is Gyo is available for your viewing pleasure. Watching it is easier than any explaining I can try to do of Ito's incredibly off-kilter creations. So click play below, and start planning those fish fry's with your fellow anime loving friends NOW!

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