IFFR 2012: 38 WITNESSES and THE HUNTER, with lots of good stuff between them.

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IFFR 2012: 38 WITNESSES and THE HUNTER, with lots of good stuff between them.
Tomorrow, the International Film Festival Rotterdam website will show the entire program and schedule for this year's iteration, which starts next week already. Ticket ordering will be more easy than ever before as long as you do it online.

But if you want to know what will be playing, chances are you do not need to wait till tomorrow. Already the website shows the entire list of World Premieres (first screening ever for a paying public), International premieres (first screenings outside of their own country), and Dutch premieres (first screening in The Netherlands). In total this means the vast majority of titles can already be spotted. Some exerpts:

The opening film will be the world premiere of Lucas Belvaux' "38 Witnesses" , and the closing film will be Daniel Nettheim's "The Hunter".

Festival segments will be focusing on the exploitation cinema made in the slums of São Paulo, the so-called 'Boca do Lixo' (Mouth of Garbage), but also on the hidden backgrounds of China as shown by director Ai Weiwei, and recent developments in Egypt and Syria as shown in films by local filmmakers.

But the main bulk of films is still about discovering new filmmakers and/or global cinema. Some choice titles in general:

ACE ATTORNEY, Miike Takashi
THE INTRUDER, Nicolas Provost
SHAME, Steve McQueen
KILL LIST, Ben Wheatley
THE COMEDY, Rick Alverson
LE HAVRE, Aki Kaurismäki
KOTOKO, Shinya Tsukamoto
I WISH, Hirokazu Kore-eda
MISS BALA, Gerardo Naranjo Gonzalez
A DANGEROUS METHOD, David Cronenberg
ALPS, Yorgos Lanthimos
BLACK'S GAME, Óskar Thor Axelsson
CLIP, Maja Miloš

Please check for yourself, and make sure to alert me if I'm in danger of overlooking a gem!

The International Film Festival Rotterdam website (link).

The Bright Future (New Filmmakers) full line-up website (link).

The Spectrum (global cinema) full line-up website (link).

The Tiger Awards Nominees (First or second film by a director) full line-up website (link).
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whitechapelJanuary 18, 2012 10:03 AM

I saw The Hunter at TIFF and enjoyed it very much.