Incredible First Teaser For Eddie Alcazar's 0000

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Incredible First Teaser For Eddie Alcazar's 0000
The great shame of science fiction is that a genre supposedly devoted to possibility - to exploring infinite worlds by simply asking 'what if' - so easily slips into just a small handful of subgenres. Instead of truly exploring new ideas and new worlds too many creators of science fiction are content to simply offer up variations on already well established themes. It's a waste, really.

Enter Eddie Alcazar and his feature 0000. We've been covering Alcazar's effort since the first test reel blew our minds and we later had our expectations ramped even higher when the first on-set stills arrived. Clearly Alcazar is attempting something new and unique here, and he is absolutely refusing to allow the limitations of a low budget hamper his vision.

The mind of one man will galvanize a global revolution. His technology will birth a new era of human existence and social connection, but this great gift is rooted in dark tragedy. If he is to survive, he will need the help of many, and if we are to survive, our awareness must grow.
There has never been anything quite like Alcazar's 0000, at least not on a conceptual level. The question is whether he can pull it off on film. Our first hint of an answer comes now, with the arrival of the first proper teaser from the film, the first time we've actually seen any proper footage.

And the result? I got chills. So I watched it again. And got them again. This is 100% the real thing. Check the trailer below.
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