Sundance: Bong Joon Ho is an UPTOWN GIRL.

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Sundance:  Bong Joon Ho is an UPTOWN GIRL.
Sure there was the Red State carnival and its tempest-in-a-teapot-outrage, and at about the same time there was a rather odd bit of film-goer outrage at Lucky McKee's midnight premiere of The Woman (which makes me excited for that one), but, really, the cool kids were at the Magnet/Alamo Karaoke Party where The Host, Mother, Memories of Murder director Bong Joon Ho belted out Billy Joel's Uptown Girl with a bottle of Stella.  Now that is Jury-Duty.  You can bless or blame Tim League for infecting the world-wide film festival circuit with the Karaoke bug, but either way:  Video below.
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