Michele Soavi Preparing CEMETERY MAN Sequel? KATAKOMB KLUB Dead?

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Michele Soavi Preparing CEMETERY MAN Sequel? KATAKOMB KLUB Dead?
In my mind - and I know I'm not alone in thinking this - Michele Soavi's Dellamorte, Dellamore (released as Cemetery Man in many territories) stands as the last truly great Italian horror picture, the last gasp of Italy's great tradition of genre cinema.

Soavi would exit the industry for five long years following Dellamorte's release to focus his attention on his ill child, returning as a television director in 1999 but not making another feature until 2006's gangster picture Arrivederci Amore, Ciao. And with no other top tier genre directors ready to step into the void the once proud Italian genre scene crumbled and collapsed during his time away.

Which makes this news a very, very big deal: According to an article in Fangoria, Soavi has told director Luigi Cozzi that he has been developing a sequel to Cemetery Man that he intends to produce and direct himself no later than early 2012. No word yet if Rupert Everett will return in the lead.

Also mentioned in the same piece is that Soavi is also preparing a Goonies-style kids' adventure film set in Pompeii and reportedly set to star Nicolas Cage.

Notably absent from this list of future projects is The Katakomb Klub, a horror comedy Soavi had previously announced as in development with frequent Terry Gilliam collaborator Charles McKeown. A trip to the IMDB reveals all listings for the film have been removed and as I can find no references to it within the last couple years I can only assume that it is now dead.
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