AFM 2010: Fresh Images From Colombian Military Horror THE SQUAD

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AFM 2010: Fresh Images From Colombian Military Horror THE SQUAD
Jaime Osorio Márquez' El Paramo is a film we've been tracking here at ScreenAnarchy for well over a year now. Military themed horror has a special place in our hearts and an early look at the script convinced that this could be a special one. Throw in a fantastic first trailer back in May and we were sold. Here's the official synopsis:

A special high mountain command composed of nine experienced soldiers is sent to a military base in a desolate high-plains moor of Colombia with wich contact was lost several days ago and was believed to be the target of a guerrilla attack.

Upon arrival, the only person found inside the base is a peasant woman who is heavily chained. Gradually, the isolation, the inability to communicate with the outside world and the impossibility to escape, undermine the integrity and sanity of the soldiers, causing them to lose the certainties about the identity of the enemy and creating them doubts about the true nature of that strange and silent woman.

Prisoners of fear, paranoia and a dark secret that they carry, they will challenge each other becoming animals willing to kill one another in order to survive.
Now retitled The Squad for the international market the film is being introduced to buyers here at the American Film Market, bringing on a small collection of new images. Check them in the gallery below.

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