Get Your First Taste Of Romain Gavras' NOTRE JOUR VIENDRA!

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Get Your First Taste Of Romain Gavras' NOTRE JOUR VIENDRA!
When not setting the world on fire with bloody fantastic music videos, director Romain Gavras - the son of Costa-Gavras - has been hard at work on his debut feature film. Originally announced as Redheads, the film has been retitled Notre Jour Viendra - Our Day Will Come in English - which I think we can agree is a much more evocative title than the one the film was originally saddled with.

Vincent Cassel both stars in and produces this one, and sales agents TF1 have been rather tight lipped about the whole thing. Even the sales synopsis doesn't really tell you much:

What do you do when you're a red-haired teenage loser with no friends except for an older guy, your shrink? When everyone hates you, especially your family? When all your peers make fun of you and kick you around? The answer: you and your loser buddy blow all the cash you can get your hands on to buy a sportscar, you dress smart and you head for the land of redheads, Ireland. But what starts off as a search for an ideal, gradually escalates into a rampage of hate, violence and self-destruction.

What does say significantly more, however, is the freshly released teaser. Sure, not a lot of clarity on story in the one minute of footage we get but a ton of atmosphere and style. This one is not safe for work but absolute must see material for those curious why Gavras is being buzzed as the next big thing.
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skalkMay 24, 2010 8:56 AM

tres nice!

FrankusBoothiusMay 24, 2010 9:47 AM

Thats a really intriguing teaser, can't wait to here more about it.

Jude FeltonMay 24, 2010 10:00 AM

The teaser sure makes me want to see more of this. Cassel always seems to pick great roles.