The IFFR shows the whole world for free that LOVE CONQUERS ALL !

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The IFFR shows the whole world for free that LOVE CONQUERS ALL !
It's an award-winning film which can now be watched, for free, over the Internet.
Each January brings us a new International Film Festival Rotterdam, and 2010 will not be an exception. The festival is best known for its mix of indie and foreign films (especially Asia is always well represented), but the IFFR also experiments with mixing different types of media. This includes looking for ways to use the Internet as an opportunity instead of a threat for cinema.
For this year's edition some cool web-related content is planned like online sponsoring of film projects (more on that in a later article), but for now I'd like to point to the IFFR's YouTube site.
Ok, having a page on YouTube is maybe not too innovative but what the IFFR is providing as free content is quite spectacular: besides the usual trailers and announcements you can find full shorts and even some feature-length films. And those are not dross either: amongst the titles on offer are last year's "Tattoo" by Wang Liren and 2007 Tiger nominee "Dancing Bells" by Deepak Kumaran Menon.
But surely the most spectacular title currently in the list is Tan Chui Mui's "Love Conquers All", which won the IFFR Tiger Award in 2007. And more titles are being planned.
Frankly I don't think of YouTube as an ideal way of watching full-length movies, but these films are little seen and often hard to get. It's a cool initiative by the IFFR and I am curious to see what will come of it.  
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And you can find the IFFR free-movie-site by clicking THIS link.