Don McKellar And Bruce McDonald Declare THIS MOVIE IS BROKEN

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Don McKellar And Bruce McDonald Declare THIS MOVIE IS BROKEN

The Canadian indie-rock and indie-film worlds have just collided with potential glorious results. Director Bruce McDonald (Pontypool, Hard Core Logo) has joined forces with frequent collaborator Don McKellar (Last Night, Twitch City and a Tony-winner for writing The Drowsy Chaperone) to create This Movie Is Broken. And yes, as the musically savvy among you may have surmised from the title, the story of the film revolves around a performance by local indie icons Broken Social Scene with sometime member turned huge solo hit Leslie Feist also turning up and bringing Emily Haines of Metric and Amy Millan of Stars along with her.

A sticky hot T.O. summer day. CAROLINE RUSH wakes in a strange bed. New to the big city, she’s accepted the hospitality of a friend from her home town, BRUNO. And now it seems they’re lovers. Over brunch, Bruno tries to impress her with his connections. He pledges to secure backstage passes for the big show that night with Broken Social Scene, her favorite band.

The day passes fast in anticipation: Caroline preparing for the concert, BSS on her iPod; the band themselves at soundcheck; Bruno scrambling to secure the backstage passes while stuck at his job at the racetrack. But he pulls it off. And Caroline rewards him with sex—to be completed after the show. The two lovers head to the venue ...

Of course, things will get a little more complicated than that. This Movie Is Broken is going into production right ... about ... now.

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DJensenJuly 14, 2009 6:12 AM

They played a free gig at Harbourfront the other night, part of Beats Breaks & Culture. I skipped it, as I was there for Holy Fuck the night before and I've seen BSS play several times. Today I found out they were shooting the performance for the movie.


The good news is they want you to upload video that may appear in the movie: