WALTZ WITH BASHIR's Ari Folman Tackling Stanislaw Lem!

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WALTZ WITH BASHIR's Ari Folman Tackling Stanislaw Lem!

Best film news of the week by far: Israeli animator Ari Folman, director of the brilliant Waltz With Bashir, will next direct a film adaptation of Stanislaw Lem's The Futurological Congress.

Lem, of course, is the iconic Polish science fiction author who penned Solaris and is seeing a bit of a resurgence on screen lately. Anybody adapting any Lem is fantastic news for fans of intelligent science fiction but this particular director directing this particular story has the potential to be positively jaw dropping. Congress is a bleakly absurd bit of comedy that revolves around a near future dystopia in which - amongst other things - the government is drugging the water supply, triggering hallucinations in the lead character. Folman has already confirmed that he will be employing the same animation technique he used in Bashir for this and anyone who has seen that film is well aware of just how strong Folman is when it comes to manipulating concepts of memory and reality.

You can check the Bashir trailers out below the break for a taste of Folman's skills - and be sure to check it out on the big screen when it begins its limited run next week!

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