IFFR 2009: Isabella Rossellini likes 'em Large

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IFFR 2009: Isabella Rossellini likes 'em Large

Size Matters in the upcoming International Film Festival Rotterdam. One of its programming segments totally focuses on the difference that screen size can bring to the movie-watching experience.

To exemplify this difference three extremely large screens are being prepared on the outsides of the biggest office complexes in the center of Rotterdam. Each of these will be the venue for its own specially made movie, and the festival has just announced who the directors are:

-Nanouk Leopold
(director of "Iles Flottantes", "Guernsey", "Wolfsbergen")

-Carlos Reygadas
(director of "JapĆ³n", "Battle in Heaven", Cannes Jury prize winner for "Still Light")

-Guy Maddin
(director of "Brand upon the Brain", "My Winnipeg")

That's quite an impressive list!
Of course Guy Maddin is already a site favorite here at ScreenAnarchy, but it gets even better: his movie will star Isabella Rossellini, who already worked with him on "The Saddest Music in the World". She is always thought fondly of by us because one of her earlier exploits gave us our most read article ever (hence the "punny" article title).

The screen locations are impressive too. The largest of them will be on the "Delftse Poort" building (see picture), the front of which is a sheer slab more than 150 mtr (roughly 450 ft) in height.
Plenty of space...

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