Limited Edition, Six Disc, Complete GRINDHOUSE DVD Release Coming To Japan!

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Limited Edition, Six Disc, Complete GRINDHOUSE DVD Release Coming To Japan!

Been wondering when you'll be able to see the Tarantino / Rodriguez Grindhouse double bill on DVD the same way you saw it on the big screen? Irritated that the films are currently only available in stand-alone formats without the faux-trailers? Well, don't hold your breath for a domestic release, because if there's one on the horizon nobody's said a word about it yet, but relief is coming your way via Japan where the Grindhouse experience is slated to receive a deluxe, six disc DVD release in March. You get the theatrical release, both extended stand-alone versions, bonus discs dedicated to both individual features and an extra disc loaded with 106 minutes of features exclusive to this Japanese release. And while nobody's released the packaging or artwork yet you can expect a little something special, what with this coming from Japan, and you can be certain that the technical end will be absolutely top of the line because Japanese releases always are. Priced under a hundred bucks with shipping included it's also surprisingly inexpensive for a Japanese import. You'll find all the specs below the break.

Disc 1: Death Proof (Extended Film)
-English DTS, English DD, Japanese dub
-Japanese subtitles

-Japanese Theatrical/TV trailers
-Staff/Cast Profiles (Text)
-What is Grindhouse? (Text)

Disc 2: Planet Terror (Extended Film)
-English DTS, English DD, Japanese dub
-Japanese Subtitles

-Rodriguez commentary
-International/Japanese trailers
-Staff/Cast Profiles (Text)
-What is Grindhouse? (Text)

Disc 3: Death Proof bonus materials
-Special Message to Japan from Tarantino
-Staff and Cast interviews on Death Proof
-Stunts on Wheels: The Legendary Drivers of Death Proof (20:39)
-Introducing Zoƫ Bell (8:59)
-Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike (9:34)
-Finding Quentin's Gals (21:14)
-The Uncut Version of "Baby, It's You" Performed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (1:48)
-The Guys of Death Proof (8:16)
-Quentin's Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke (4:38)
-Double Dare Trailer (2:36)

Disc 4: Planet Terror bonus materials
-10-Minute Film School (11:52)
-The Badass Babes of Planet Terror (11:50)
-The Guys of Planet Terror (16:32)
-Casting Rebel (05:34)
-Sickos, Bullets and Explosions: The Stuns of Planet Terror (13:18)
-The Friend, The Doctor and The Real Estate Agent (6:42)

Disc 5: Grindhouse (191 minute theatrical cut)
-English DD, Japanese dub
-Japanese subtitles

Disc 6: Japanese only Grindhouse bonus disc (106 minutes)
-Grindhouse - US Trailer
-2006 San Diego Comicon
-Tarantino Interview (About the homages in Death Proof, About Planet Terror, Use of Music, Possible Sequel to Death Proof)
-Staff/Cast comments
-The Directors of the Fake Trailers
-Coments on past Grindhouse Films
-Making Of Planet Terror

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