Movie Review. Halloween (2007)

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Plot. After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution (where he was committed as a 10 year old) and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger.

This film is a remake of Halloween (1978)


This is the second workprint review that I have done. I was also able to get a copy of Hostel 2 a week early also. I must ask, "What is going on with these films?" "Is this an attempt to sabotage 2 horror franchises. (EDIT. Made mistake in original print Hostel 2 was distributed by Lions Gate and Halloween (2007) is being distributed by Dimension film.) My quest should have been do these companies both use the same work print creators?)

This is the 2nd leak of a big release film for the horror genera this year. I keep wondering who is trying to destroy the studios or is this just greed or revenge. Eli Roth, the director of Hostel 2, believed that the leaked release destroyed the film in the box office. Now with this leak, will the new Halloween be destroyed on opening weekend or not? All that I know is the rumors that I am reading at the time of this review, namely that this version is not what we well will see on opening day and that the ending is different than in the workprint.

I am reviewing the workprint.

I have always wondered why I loved the original film. To me it was always a case of revenge. A huge payback for what happened to the young Michael Myers. I always thought that this had been one of the first horror films that I had seen as a child that made me fall in love with the movies.

So when I heard of a remake of this film, my first thought was WTF! After seeing the film, I am glad that they gave the film to Rob Zombie to write and direct. I thought that the film was allot better that I had expected.

The opening few minutes of the film, we see Mike as a boy who likes to kill animals and we see that his home life is just horrible. You see that the boy only gets love from his mother and his so called step-father is a joke. You also see the start of his fascination with wearing a mask. You also see that he loves his baby sister, Laurie.

We see Mike kill his first victim, a school yard bully. You see him kill with the mask on, then when he takes of the mask, he's a kid. This was the start of Halloween night for Mike. As in the original film, he kills his older sisters lover and his sister, he also kills his evil step-father. When his mother returns from work, she see Mike with his baby sister, outside, in the cold, when Michael states, "It's all better now" The aftermath was well directed.

Then you see a young Michael Kill one more time in the hospital and after that his mother, realizes that she has helped to create pure evil, kills herself at her home, while watching home movies with her little boy.

What I also really liked about the film was the music, they even used "Don't Fear the Reaper" as in the original. another part I liked was the small role of Ismael Cruz,m played by Danny Trejo, you see him as a janitor/guard always treat Michael with respect and you see that Michael never hurts him. Its only when disrespect comes to Michael that he kills.

The rest of the film is your typical slasher film. A innocent girl, that, for some unknown reason to her, the killer wants her dead. Over sexed teenagers, that are killed while they are having sex, and the one person, Dr. Sam Loomis, who understands the killer.

It was an excellent choice to select Malcolm McDowell to replace the late, Donald Pleasence, as the role of Michael's surrogate father, Dr. Sam Loomis.

If you want to see a good horror film, then this one will do. Please remember, if you download the workprint, it may not be the same film you see in the movie cinema. Please see it when you can.

END SPOILER ALERT...................................................................................................................................................................

Grade B+

(Dr. Loomis.) These eyes will deceive you, they will destroy you. They will take from you, your innocence, your pride, and eventually your soul. These eyes do not see what you and I see. Behind these eyes one finds only blackness, they absence of light, these are of a psychopath.

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JMaruyamaAugust 29, 2007 8:18 AM

Thanks Mike McStay for this advanced look at Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake. I have mixed feelings about this film. Part of me wants to go see it but the other part feels that since the original is so good and considered a classic of the horror genre why bother. I hear that this Work Print copy also has a prison rape scene involving the mother that was deemed too much by preview audiences and was taken out. Judging from the trailer and film previews it does seem to be following the trend of focusing on extreme blood and gore (like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hills Have Eyes remakes) rather than atmosphere and mood. At least John Carpenter's eerie theme is retained and Tyler Mane is menacing enough as Michael Myers. Malcolm McDowell maybe a good actor but he definitely can't replace Donald Pleasence. Looking at IMDB's cast listing there's a lot of interesting cameos but too bad Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't included too. I wonder what the "Escape From New York" remake will be like.

Arch StantonAugust 29, 2007 7:04 PM

It probably tested poorly because it sounds like this film made the same mistake HANNIBAL RISING and the BLACK CHRISTMAS remake did, giving an unnecessary back story to menacing characters who were better left with a mysterious and unknown quality to them. In the original HALLOWEEN Michael Myers was played as a hulking, relentless force of evil and explanatory back stories like in HANNIBAL RISING rob the character of that sense of unknown menace.

So now a formerly " pure evil force of nature" is explained away as an unloved kid, abused by an evil step-father, who loves his little sister and first killed someone because they were a bully. Great, the classic cliched childhood for most serial killers. I'll pass , Michael Myers is better as an unknown, unstoppable force of nature.

CaterpillarAugust 31, 2007 7:03 PM

Why do you refer to remakes as a "trend"? The practice of remaking movies is almost as old as the history of cinema... And to be fair there have been a handful of truly great remakes but unfortunately we have to pay for them with lots and lots of uninspired, let's-grab-a-quick-buck-minded, lowest common denominator drivel.

MarcioAugust 31, 2007 7:27 PM

You're right there's always been remakes, but now it's getting way out of hand. The number of films being remade, especially in the horror genre is absurd thats why i call it trendy. Furthermore they always suck. Havent seen one remake yet that was worth watching... wich ones did you like?

CynAnneSeptember 2, 2007 2:47 PM

... Thank you, Mike, for giving us a 'sneak peek' at what's coming from Rob and "Halloween". I was hoping it wouldn't stray too far in (backstory set-up), and forget why we were here, so to speak. I can't wait to see Tyler as 'Michael' - I knew Mane had 'it' way back when he co-starred in the remake of "How To Make a Monster" and even "Joe Dirt", where his presence made up for lack of screen time. It's just too bad he'll spend most of this movie covered in that unsexy mask and grungy coveralls..! ;) ...