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While waiting (impatiently) for David Lynch to bring his 3 hour digitally filmed opus Inland Empire up to Toronto, there has been no shortage of Lynch news items popping up on the radar. Perhaps the most interesting is that of a new documentary on the man:

"Over the course of two years we were allowed to film David Lynch as he worked on his latest film INLAND EMPIRE. Over 700 hours of footage was gathered both on location and in David's home. This film will give the most current perspective on one of cinema's greatest directors and will bring to life his creative process and joy for living life to its fullest potential."

So say the filmmakers (who seem to prefer to remain casually anonymous) regarding the documentary, which according to their blog, is in the editing stages.

Just for fun, take a few seconds to hear Mr. Lynch delicately dance around the subject of product placement by following the link below.

Teaser (Embedded Flash Video)

Lynch on Product Placement (Embedded YouTube Video)

The Lynch Documentary Filmmakers Blog

Twitch Review of Inland Empire

[Source: MovieCityIndie]

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DrebaccaApril 7, 2007 6:14 AM

The prouct placement one is hilarious.

I'll love to get my hands on thr doc. Finally something that at least scratches the surface of what's in Lynch's mind.