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Think there are already too many documentaries about the war in Iraq? Yeah, me too. Except finally there is one actually worth seeing.

This weekend, IRAQ IN FRAGMENTS will be released in art houses across America. Not only is James Longley, the director, a serious, intelligent and seemingly fearless documentarian, he's also a remarkable artist. Having struggled through the unsteady and often nauseating camera work of docs like VOICES OF IRAQ and GUNNER PALACE, spending an hour and a half in Longley's Iraq feels like a complicated exercise in psychologically reconciling the breathtaking beauty of tragedy.

This film took the prize for best directing, editing and cinematography at Sundance this year, in addition to tons of other awards at festivals across the globe. Just go see it already.


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Rhythm-XNovember 10, 2006 12:48 AM

"Think there are already too many documentaries about the war in Iraq? Yeah, me too. Except finally there is one actually worth seeing."

Uh, what?

No, there aren't enough documentaries about the Iraq War, and there have been several well worth seeing, most recently IRAQ FOR SALE. And as long as large segments of the people of the country responsible for the war (that would be the United States) have notions and beliefs concerning said war that barely resemble reality, they need to keep right on making documentaries about it. It might not educate many, but even educating a few is better than nothing.

That said, this does look very impressive, and since there ARE NOT enough documentaries about this tragic situation, I look forward to this, as much as one can look forward to a doc about a horrible thing that need never have happened in the first place. This does look like a good one.

JasperNovember 10, 2006 12:19 PM

There may well be "already too many documentaries about the war in Iraq", but the sad thing is that there's simply no opportunities for most people to see them, and sadly most barely hint at the horror of what invading another country entails.
Perhaps one that should be mandatory viewing for everyone who still believes that this was a clean and necessary war, including our own resident war criminal in the UK, Tony Blair is LITTLE BIRDS. This is the complete antidote to Michael Moore-style propaganda, where he didnt get any where near to Iraq. It was filmed by a Japanese filmmaker in Baghdad when the invasion started, and it shows Iraqi civilians blown to piece by stray missiles and landmines and despite the mantras of the occupying forces, that "these people" are clearly not better off than they were before.

Raindance screened it, to a full and visibly moved auditorium, and I believe its screening either now or very soon at Leeds festival. Hopefully it will gain greater exposure soon.
The Japanese DVD, available from YesAsia does have English subtitles, and a lot of the film is in English anyway.

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