Argento Finishes Shooting 'Pelts', Begins 'Third Mother', Signs for USA Work.

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Mini Argento update for those interested in the inside happenings. Firstly, it seems he has already finished the shoot for 'Masters of Horror' Season Two Episode, 'Pelts' - Simonetti is scoring the music. The film stars John Saxon, one of those in Argento's stunning 'Tenebre' in the early 80's - another Argento star, Alida Valli (of 'Inferno' and 'Suspiria' fame) passed away recently : she was of course, more famous for roles in films like 'The Third Man'. Within the next week Argento will return to Italy, with preproduction on the 'Third Mother' due to begin on June 1st.

This time, probably thanks to a reapprasal of his work through DVD and his better-than-average (though potentially still duff, not watched it, still awaiting a decent DVD I can be sure of : how is the one I've seen listed at Absurd?) 'Jenifer' for 'Masters of Horror' Series One, the film will have a large budget (specifically how large, don't know, but later Argento works cost many millions of dollars anyway, just not megabudgets to play with in this kind of stuff) and is co-funded between Medusa of Italy and an American company. The story is being likened to Dan Browns 'Angels and Demons' book, and really can't afford to be any kind of a cock-up or mis-judgement or it will be easily disowned by fans of the prime earlier episodes in the trilogy.

It's also said that Argento has already signed to return to America for a further film project after his 'Third Mother' is complete. No further details on that, but it's a good compromise at this point in time, with the Italian Film Industry said to be in dire shape and funding for even the best of the best proving hard to come by. There have been hints in the past that Argento isn't keen on travelling to work with foreign finance and in foreign industries, and I agree that changing the funding, location, employees on the project alters the results - inevitable in my mind. This could be the Soderbergh / Clooney project mentioned earlier in the year. [Source : DarkDreams].

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