Turkish SciFi Comedy ARIF V 216 Continues The GORA Universe!

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Turkish SciFi Comedy ARIF V 216 Continues The GORA Universe!

It was back in 2004 that Turkish writer and star Cem Yilmaz caught our attention with his very silly - and very fun - scifi comedy G.O.R.A. The story of a Turkish carpet salesman kidnapped by extraterrestrials and plunged into an alien conflict the easiest pitch on G.O.R.A. is to describe it as a sort of Turkish Spaceballs with ringmaster Yilmaz sharing the same sort of broad, slapstick sense of humor as Mel Brooks.

Yilmaz was already a pretty significant star in Turkey on release and G.O.R.A. proved a major hit, pushing him to further heights. A more ambitious film by far than the vast majority of local productions, it wasn't just funny but had fantastic production values and great VFX work that won fans around the globe.

In the years since Yilmaz has continued to expand his personal brand. There have been more overt comedies, of course, tapping into multiple genres with a scifi sequel (A.R.O.G.) arriving in 2008 along with more drama oriented offerings and live performances. But now Yilmaz is taking on the role of G.O.R.A. protagonist Arif Isik once again for the upcoming Arif V 216.

In production now with a release date set for early 2018 - no doubt to allow for the VFX work required - they have already released an extended first trailer for the film and it's looking pretty damn great. Take a look below!

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