Kitano's Got More People To Shoot In OUTRAGE 0: CODA Teaser

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Kitano's Got More People To Shoot In OUTRAGE 0: CODA Teaser

Kitano Takeshi returns to Japanese screens later this year with the third installment of his Outrage gangster saga. Kitano, of course, is the hugely popular comedian turned violent auteur behind classic yakuza films such as Fireworks and Sonatine and while Kitano had always moved between his crime pictures and smaller, quirkier, and more personal offerings throughout his career it seems as though the failure of his late career trio of weird, experimental offerings (Takeshis, Glory To The Filmmaker, Achilles And the Tortoise) to really find an audience at home or abroad has pushed him towards more audience focused offerings since. Give 'em what they want, right? And so we have 2010's return to yakuza crime Outrage, 2012 sequel Outrage Beyond - the first sequel of his career - 2015 senior citizen crime comedy Ryuzu and the 7 Henchmen and now a third installment in the Outrage saga, Outrage 0: Coda.

What do we get here? Pretty much exactly what you'd expect: Hard men with a fondness for guns. It's really just a teaser at this point but there's plenty there to make fans happy. Take a look below!

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  • Ben de Klos

    Watched the first Outrage a few weeks ago for the first time. Having been a great Kitano fan of his 90s output I never got around that one yet. Probably cause his films (both the "experimental" films and yakuza ones like Brother) got progressively worse.

    I couldn't even finish Outrage. Quite astonishing​ that this is the same man who made Hana-Bi and Sonatine (to name a few).

    Come to think of it: One thing that doesn't help Kitano is the absence of Joe Hisaishi.

  • CHUD

    I don't think that's a fair timeline. He made Boiling Point before either of those movies, and I thought Brother and Outrage were better than that one. And he's also made Dolls, Blind Swordsman, and Achilles and the Tortoise since the '90s.

  • xtheseusx

    This is the content that I am here for!!!!

  • ManateeAdvocate

    The first two were nihilistic a fuck and I LOVED it. I doubt this one will disappoint. Also, Miike appearance sighted.

  • jammamon

    That's what I'm talkin' about!

  • Zetobelt

    > Give 'em what they want, right?

    And we can't be more happy about it!

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