GETAWAY DRIVER: Hold on to Your Pug in This Short Film by Abner Pastoll

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GETAWAY DRIVER: Hold on to Your Pug in This Short Film by Abner Pastoll
Take a couple minutes out of your day to enjoy some top shelf stunt driving in Abner Pastoll's two minute short film Getaway Driver
The UK director of Road Games and the upcoming A Good Woman in Hard to Find got together with stunt drivers Stephanie Carey and Tony Lucken. and together with Mabel the pug made a dandy demonstration of how to film a car chase in a parkade. A dandy example of how to film a car chase anywhere. 
The music is by Makeup and Vanity Set, which we have written about their work before here at ScreenAnarchy. 
Turn up the volume and blow it up full screen for Abner Pastoll's Getaway Driver
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Henrik DunnApril 22, 2017 8:49 PM

Sᴛaᴦτ gett˛ng residսɑI pгofӏᴛ eαϲһ ѡе℮k܂.܁ Itʹƽ fantaƽtıc paᴦτ–τiмe joƄ opp௦ᴦтᴜnıty fᴏr eѵerʏᴑռe۰.. ᗷеѕᴛ thing αᏏ੦ᴜt it iѕ tհaᴛ y൦ʋ cɑп ɯօᴦĸ from ᴄoʍfᴑᴦᴛ of уoυr հ૦ᴍ℮ αnd mɑke fr໐ᴍ |00-ƧOΟ〇 bυсks eaϲᏂ ԝeek ۔.. Aρρly пᴏw αnd receiνe γour ſirst caƽh Ƅy τհе еϖd ૦f the ᴡе℮ϰ܁..>

cjohnstonApril 24, 2017 4:24 PM

Simple; yet fun. - well executed --- with a little "twinkle" at the end..
If this were a recipe, reminds me of (some) parts Detour, (a few sprinkles of) Gone In 60 Seconds, and (some other) parts The Italian Job..