Have Your Say: IMDb Is About To Delete Its Message Boards

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Have Your Say: IMDb Is About To Delete Its Message Boards
This weekend I was looking up something in the Internet Movie Database over on www.IMDb.com, and got distracted by a question in a message board. Intrigued and amused I started reading it, and as these things go I got even more distracted and started browsing the different topics for a while. But then I noticed the message above, which was on top of each and every message board page.

So yeah, one week from now all those message boards will be gone...

Mentioning this to friends on social media spawned a small debate. Many said "Good riddance", stating that those boards had become a vile mess and had no business being there in the first place, as IMDb is a reference website, an encyclopaedia of sorts. Others said it was yet another discussion forum being shut down, never a good thing, and part of the dismantling of the Internet as a conversation platform.

Therefore I'm sorry for those who wanted a Valentine's Day topic, but this is by far a more interesting question for this week. Is the deletion of IMDB's message boards a good thing or a bad thing, and why?

Chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

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  • abyx34

    As IMDb said the reson for permanently deleting it's message boards was "we have concluded that IMDb's message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority"
    I dare to say that now the very IMDb is no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority. IMO, IMDb just shoot itself in the balls with a shotgun, by virtually killing all of it's community and user interaction. Perhaps it's time to start seeking a substitute for such interraction elswhere...

  • Winston

    Late to the party, but I posted on the IMDB message boards for years so I have a perspective. Generally I enjoyed it. But the boards were horribly designed and not moderated at all. A few of the heavily trafficked general boards functioned well and seemed to be moderated better than the rest, such as the Movie Awards Board. But the individual film and actor message boards were a catastrophe.

    As an example, a few years back I started posting on the message board of an actor whose work I am a fan of. Dozens of other people posted there as well and it was a very active board with a fun discussion. But then the trolls showed up. And by that maybe one or two people and a few sock accounts. And because the boards were so poorly designed these one or two people could disrupt the entire board. They started thread after thread and flooded the board with spam. They even harrassed users on other sites. Hundreds of complaints were made and nothing was done. IMDB did not ban IP addresses, not even for denial of service attacks, so the banned user would just create another account and come back. Did not even have to hide it. The IMDB message boards were by their flawed design and terrible moderation simply way too troll friendly; I mean one person could bring a board used by hundreds to a halt. IMDB literally empowered trolls and sociopaths. And their troll threads would appear on the front page of the message board for days at least. The lesson here is that when you design and operate a message board so poorly that it is completely troll friendly and enabling, trolls will come. IMDB gave trolls the greatest possible bang for the buck, and they showed up.

    In the end if you build a troll paradise, they will take advantage. That is what the IMDB message boards became. (Although everyone needed to experience the Miranda Otto board; it was off the rails despite being a very lightly trafficked board because of just one deranged, obsessed user). So while I will miss the IMDB message boards I do understand. But if IMDB had bothered to put any effort into their boards and to have made them even slightly less troll friendly, it would never have come to this. So it goes. Farewell to those who used the boards constructively.

  • Ard Vijn

    Now I feel bad for never having seen the IMDB Miranda Otto message board...

  • Winston

    It was an experience. One person completely descending into madness obsessively trolling the most random target. For years.

  • BluePotion

    My life is so annoying now. I go to IMDb and look up a movie and then..........nothing....

  • NeccoWafer

    Unfortunately, IMDb had been linked within several right wing political sites in the past few years, and the mass of political posts just wouldn't disappear. I work in the industry, and have enjoyed discussing films on a professional level for almost twenty years. The boards were a wonderful tool for gathering information of all types. Perhaps, if they had delegated them to IMDb Pro, their pay extension, it might have weeded out the trolls.

    This has become an Interet-wide problem for the past few years.

    Granted, I cringed whenever I read a "Who should play ____ in the remake?" post. I skipped those, of course. However, I was receiving some very trollish responses recently.

    I will always use IMDB. It is a valuable resource. But, indeed, the message boards will be missed.

  • tomhayward

    "Unfortunately, IMDb had been linked within several right wing political sites". Go fuck yourself, liar.

  • NeccoWafer

    I love that you proved my point.

  • Nibs

    He told you to go fuck yourself and that proved IMDb was "linked with right wing political sites"? He's right, you did make that shit up.

    Like any other message board on the planet, there are going to be tons of people with opposing political views, from the far left of hippie to the far right of racist douche. That is EVERY website that isn't specifically for one type of political affiliation. IMDb wasn't "linked with" anyone. Also, in case you're new to the internet, you can't even watch a video of a cat taking a nap anymore without it turning into a political debate in the comment section.

    I guess that Reddit is a super left wing wacko website, as well as also a super racist far right wing one too?

    IMDb deleting their boards because some pussies can' handle other people's opinions, because it hurts their feewings is a stupid ass excuse no matter what your political affiliation.

    They deleted it because they can't make money from it and amazon isn't going to pay for moderators on something that isn't going to make them money. It had absolutely nothing to do with them "not seeing it provide useful information".

  • NeccoWafer

    Didn't read that, darlin'.

  • Nancy Post

    Yes. things could get bad but I enjoyed (never posted) reading some insightful discussions. Some people posted things about actors that were interesting. Sad to see this go.

  • Paul M

    I'm thinking this has more to do with shutting down discussion on movies and documentaries the powers that be don't want you to see more than anything else. Documentaries that question the official narrative in particular have been gaining notoriety and popularity, having a forum where citizens could check and debate facts would be bad business for the global corporate/banking/military/industrial/pharmaceutical/petroleum/entertainment complex.

  • Bodhisafa

    Folks do we see a pattern here yet?... Big time corporations slowly pushing the mute button on speech. The answer is simple, delete the app and do not visit the site. The only way to hurt them is in the wallet. Sadly, deleted mine last night, and while I'll miss the information from IMDB, 75% of the reason for going there was the discussion boards.

  • BluePotion

    They have to be noticing a decline in visitors. I rarely go there now. Before I visited several times a day.

  • Bodhisafa

    I hope so. They obviously ignored the users, so why continue to support a company like that? I used to go before every movie choice to see the ratings, and maybe read a review or two, and then after the movie//show to discuss with haters & fans alike. There's no real reason to go now, except maybe to see reviews or ratings, but without the traffic the ratings will not be as relevant.

  • BluePedal .

    But where will I go to find out what other famous person an actor resembles.

    Seriously, every message board was the same thing - "Looks like!!!"

    What will that dork on the Breaking Bad board do now? Where will he ask his RJ Mitte gimp questions??? It is indeed a sad day.

  • Lee Yates

    Well, I used the message boards a few times a week for over a decade. The troll thing is pretty much nonsense. I didn't really notice trolls. Of course there were trolls, but I think most people have the ability to ignore that stuff. I know most negative activity would be on pages for big hollywood blockbusters, and I doubt many of those posters were dedicated to the site. Most regulars, people who genuinely love film were elsewhere on the site, discussing lesser known films. So, for us the message boards were a constructive and friendly place. I'd like to add that if we remove trolls, misogynists, bigots, feminists, etc., the internet's going to be an awfully boring place.

  • Mark Murphy

    They are letting the trolls win.

  • Ryan Corrado

    IMHO, They were alright, yes, you would get a thousand trolls everywhere, yes there was a lot of spam, but it also had topics which were helpful to sometimes find a deeper meaning to a movie or even suggest other movies which, while not that well known (their rating system is awful), later became some of my top pics for a rainy evening. Also there was a funny side to them, laughing from some of the cheesy movie scenes with topics like "a 100 things u learned from ... " and it was more or less a community, which shared information. So just wiping it out definetly wasn't a good choice, I'd say they will probably bring something back like this in the future, maybe more moderated, but all the topics which were hot at the time when the movies came out, most likely won't be thrown back in.

  • Johnny Hill

    Sad it's gone (lastnight), but it was plagued by moron trolls and bigots. Why those Imdb owning idiots couldn't designate moderators though, I dunno?

    They should have trimmed the number of boards right down, deleted 1000's of duplicate accounts and appointed the trusted, loyal members with moderation of their fave film etc boards

  • Rob Shveytser

    So people you deem are bigots are not allowed their say? What differentiates you shutting someone up and the fascists or communists or Nazis doing the same?

  • Daiseymae

    Having been an imdb.com member for nearly 12 years, I guess I will go to the Turner Classic Films site to discuss film. I was also a contributor. The contributor board is gone, and you can no longer talk to the administrators. Why bother?

  • David Smythe

    It's a shame they have gone. OK, some comments were unhelpful and even vile, but generally there was lots of useful posting. Checking in after seeing a film, particularly if the film left open questions, or had incomprehensible plots was generally insightful. Or even confirming 'was it just me ....?' questions.

    It's actually like setting fire to a library. And we know where burning books leads .....

  • Bayowolf

    Yeah, it leads to Operation Barbarossa; the Russians should worry.

  • SuCarter

    It was the trolling. No matter what movie, series or actor you wanted to discuss in came the trolls. It was frustrating and it drove good posters away. It is too bad but I can see IMDb's point of view. It was a great source of information even if you had to pick through the threads using the Ignore option but too often good posters ended up feeding the trolls ignoring the subject's overall thread.

  • Agilis

    IMDB is an amazing source for all things related to movies and television. The first place I go to after seeing a movie, whether it's new or obscure, is IMDB to read through other's comments for that particular film. If there is a plot or something in a film I don't quite understand, IMDB forums is the first place I will visit to find an explanation.

    Mark my words: if IMDB removes their message boards, IMDB.com will become irrelevant because both I and others will simply just search the film or TV show on Google to find any information we require. The message boards is the only reason I went to IMDB.com.

    IMDB is making a major mistake they will absolutely regret.

  • Tom Kidd

    I've been a proud user of the IMDb since March, 2005; the message boards, yes, have trolls. But they also have users who impart much thought and information of their own about entertainment. My gut reaction? The current IMDb can't make money off of the message boards. I've now suspicion we'll soon be paying for the privilege of being there next.

  • Jonathan Siu

    truth, can't make money on it...remove it

  • Daiseymae

    I was a member for 12 years, and I am really going to miss the boards. I will going to the Turner Classic Movies site instead.

  • Bayowolf

    That's right. They are winnowing their services down to only IMDb Pro which, of course is a subscription service. This is part of a pattern where the 1% will have all the good stuff and the rest of us will only have crap.

  • Ennui

    Why not keep them and hire a moderator?! There is garbage, but there are also useful discussions too. I use them for finding similar movies. I'll volunteer to help moderate!

    Create post limits, new accounts can only post five times a day and ask one question a day in order to stop trolling. And create an automod that removes spam.

  • Bayowolf

    They want to merely free up computer space with which they may use for more profitable purposes (i.e., IMDb Pro).

  • Ryan S

    They did have moderators. And they sucked. The moderators were extremely biased and would start deleting constructive debates they disagreed with, and couldn't beat, while leaving a slew of troll posts.


    I thought IMDb was great for research.

  • Caro Silva

    I've been a member for 12 years; always consulting the boards to get info, feedback, recommendations. Can't believe it, and still I don't understand the real reasons.

  • Elizabeth Coker

    I agree. I don't understand the reasoning behind it either. Sure, there were some unkind comments, but on the whole, I found the message boards interesting and informative. Sorry to see it go.

  • Matthew Ryan

    I just can't believe it is happening. I spend soooo much time reading the message boards and find them to be overwhelmingly positive. It's not that hard to avoid threads that are obviously trolling or stupid. I have seen so many good films based only on recommendations in the message boards. I usually check them out after watching any movie, and have contributed my own threads on numerous occasions. I'm gutted.

  • MrMaxwell

    I often used the IMDb message boards to ask questions. The message boards were fun for me. I just ignored the trolls. Unless you monitor message boards 24/7, you get trolls. That's the nature of the beast. Internet users know how to put up with it. I think they're dumping the message boards because they can't make money off them, and no other.

  • Bayowolf

    That is correct: They want to merely free up computer space with which they may use for more profitable purposes (i.e., IMDb Pro).

  • skywalkr2

    I will have literally no reason to go on imdb anymore.

  • Dan Challis

    Yeah, that's basically the only reason I ever went there. If I'm just looking for information on a movie I tend to pull up the Wikipedia article on it as it usually has a lot more information. The only time I really use IMDb to look at movie info is if I'm looking to see who played a smaller part in a film as Wikipedia usually only lists the main stars/characters. So I probably won't be on IMDb much unless I happen to need to see a full cast/crew of a movie.

  • Bayowolf

    That's right: IMDb is good for looking up, say, the "2nd unit assistant director" or some such but Wikipedia is easier to use for most information. Unless the movie is just-released.

  • jleland

    Much more misinformation than fact, advertising for illegal downloads, racist hate and misogyny throughout. Good riddance. Maybe it will force the 10% who care out of their parents basements. (But probably not).

  • Ennui

    I agree that bigotry proliferated, but hiring a moderator or two is really not that hard. I'd do it myself!

  • Dan Challis

    If you didn't like it you didn't have to go there. One thing I won't miss about IMDb is this sort of ignorance. The people who couldn't fathom the idea that just because they didn't like something doesn't mean it has to be discarded. "I don't like this show... cancel it!!!!". Or maybe just stop watching it if you hate it so much? And if you don't like IMDb just don't go there. There's going to be misinformation, advertising for illegal downloads and racist hate and misogyny just about anywhere you go on the internet. Getting rid of IMDb isn't going to change that. Whether it be IMDb, YouTube's comment section, or anywhere people are able to post their thoughts on the internet there is going to be stupidity. Like this place for example, you were able to find a place to troll without using IMDb.

  • Dan Challis

    Yes there were a lot of idiots, but there was also a lot of great conversation going on. Particularly on the boards for older films. The newer films were where the trolls mostly gravitated, and the increased traffic there meant an increase in random IMDb riffraff who could often act stupid. But it was the best movie forum on the internet. There's no other place like it, where just about every film known to man had its own forum. Fans of such crappy/cult films as Halloween III, Fletch Lives, Moonraker or whatever could discuss those films in their own dedicated forums. For anybody who likes to talk to other film fans its terrible news.

  • Sprezz Atura

    Ah! Mister Challis! Or should I say "Doctor Challis". I will miss the Halloween III board. Especially when it is 8 more days til Halloween. When IMDb first introduced their Emojis, I told the story of Halloween III on the board using only lines of Emojis. It went over pretty well. I did a similar posting on the equally amusing Karate Kid board. I forgot to visit the Karate Kid boards prior to IMDb killing the boards.

    This IMDb boards were great. A lot of fun and interesting insight on just about any movie you could think up. And a lot of nice people and varied personalities on the boards like "Music General" and "Food & Drink". It's too bad the boards are gone. But, time to find somewhere else I suppose.

  • It's a shame that a company like Amazon could not keep up to date and handle it the right way and there are a lot of honest movie lovers who used to find the message boards useful: https://twitter.com/search?src...

    We understand that it might be about priorities, so, as tech guys and movie enthusiasts, we started planning http://moviepanels.com?sa , a smart platform for movie lovers to share their views and insights on cinema related topics like movies, actors, directors, sound, VFX etc.

    Empowered by innovative technology and social engineering like Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web we are able to make the message boards a civil and slick experience that focuses on share and ideas exchange.

  • Daiseymae

    Turner Classic Films is a good site to discuss films.

  • I will miss the boards big time

  • RussAgent007

    Hello IMDb users,

    we created a petition to keep the IMDb Message Boards running after the 20th February because we firmly believe that IMDb was the only online community where we could talk about ANY film or ANY tv show. So without IMDb there won't be a place to discuss classic films or upcoming ones. We know about the troll issue but the clear majority have had intelligent conversations with each other and we can't let a few rotten apples ruin our desire to talk film!

    Consider signing and sharing the petition if you agree with us! Thank you.


  • Toruk_Makto

    That's fine. Just means it will be easier for people like me who are creating new platforms for film/entertainment geeks to congregate. If IMDB doesn't want the traffic, we'll certainly oblige.

  • Paul M

    Disquieting to see the message boards go, although with the confirmation of armies of paid shills out there as well as all the trolls and bots... still it seems IMDB is about to cancel one of its most useful features. I haven't posted to the boards much, but have enjoyed reading them from the beginning. Recently I had a historical question while watching HBO's Rome and couldn't find the answer after hours of online searching. I asked on the message board and the answer was posted within a week or two. Not impressed with the direction IMDB is going, not at all.

  • DrJon

    There was a huge amount of crap there, but it was also the best place to ask questions about movies... by a long way. Don't understand some plot twist? You will get the answer there. Now you're probably out of luck (although as Amazon will already have your money for the movie at that point maybe they won't care).

  • David Gooding

    @nielsmatthijs:disqus pretty much hits it on the head:
    "It's just "brand" stuff [i.e., stuff that we're all going to have to get used to during the great "media consolidation" that is going on now]. It's why Facebook only had "like" for [a few] years and doesn't allow for too much negativity on their site. They want their "social platform" to be a happy, inspiring place that people like to visit (who cares that it doesn't reflect reality in the slightest). [EXTRA POINTS FOR THAT! LOL! BUT WE DO STILL HAVE YOUTUBE . . .] Will it actually affect IMDb's bottom line? Maybe not, but Amazon doesn't want to become the next Twitter (which does have an image problem with abuse and trolling) [MUCH OF IT CREATED BY CELEBRITIES/ELECTED OFFICIALS]."

    But . . . as a former mod at HP (before they started doing it in-house), I don't understand why some "platforms" have such a hard time moderating comments, whereas other sites seem to do it well? Disqus seems to do it well . . .

  • cjohnston

    I for one find it rather unfortunate..
    ...My only complaint (which I believe there are "shades" of this articulated here, above and below); revolves around some of the users.... ...which is one of the reasons I've "haunted" this place for quite awhile now..
    ...I think as far as "civility" of those using and participating in such a "medium".... - that DOES kinda go with the territory imho..
    - - -
    Seems blatantly and painfully obvious at times; but ~ it's cool to volley back and forth about topics, express (differing) opinions; disagree with others from time to time, and even every once in a while be a little outspoken.. .*in a Professional and Courteous manner.
    But that's no grounds for reason (*ouch...) to be rude, irreverent, obscene, and or disrespectful - to other users; and/or to the very scribes and reviewers themselves who take the time to put forth in writing and print their own unique individual views upon any number of cinematic topics...

  • RRozsa

    Every now and then I will find my own opinion changed by something someone pointed out in a thread, which makes the movies even more enjoyable. Sure, there are always some Trolls, but over the years there has been a wealth of information gathered, including other versions of the movie, how to get a copy, and little known facts that others are privy to. My life will actually be quite a bit different on a daily basis due to the loss of the comment boards.

  • cjohnston

    True that.
    ~ ~ ~
    i must admit; i'm not sure, that i've actually HAD my own opinions of film(s) "exceeded" by others..
    (tempering that statement though. ..this IS mostly likely hubris however - lounging around in the background *slightly out-of-focus* licking itself..
    ~ ~
    i HAVE seen (of late) a couple titles that have undeniably Exceeded my expectations...
    War On Everyone
    The Space Between Us, ..in particular (..off-hand...)

  • Susan Griffin

    There is no other site that gives users the ability to address specific movies/tv/actors the way IMDB does. I've been using the boards since early '99 and find them to be an invaluable tool. I think shutting them down is a wrong move. And for those who say the trolls are to blame; trolls are everywhere on the internet. Anyone who can't deal with trolls probably shouldn't be online.

  • RRozsa

    Case in point: I was recently watching "Night of the Hunter", for about the umpteenth time. When I saw Lillian Gish talk about "picking a switch" (for spanking one of the kids), I couldn't wait to get to the IMDB comment boards to see how the different generations of viewers regarded the topic of corporal punishment in movies. It was both enlightening and entertaining to see the enormous gap between the views. What other forum can you run to and get that sort of debate when watching old movies? None. If I just want the cast and the plot, I'll go to Wikipedia.

  • Ben Umstead

    Back when I was a teenager in the late 90s the IMDb message board was, along with JediNews, TheForce.net FBTB and AICN, one of a few places I sought conversation about and around movies (and also Star Wars and LEGO). While I never cultivated a community at any of these boards other than FBTB I certainly valued their presence. By the mid aughts I had mostly moved away from these message boards, opting for a community that had grown up around the defunct YMDb. But gosh did they provide a place for me to hone my communication abilities, my passions, my curiosities. IMDb dismantling their boards makes me wonder about the adolescents of today and where they can go for a varied experience honing their interests and conversation skills.

    As to why it's happening... Niels has pointed out multiple times in this thread Amazon's task of safely branding the site. There's no place like a dystopia that pretends to be a utopia!

  • Person513890

    Its a terrible idea, it makes the website boring and almost useless in terms of interaction and intellectual activity, and makes another website a lifeless corporate shell of nothingness. Negativity, "morons", and all...are part of life. I go on there and it is actually fun to read the stupidity that some people say. It is part of life to know that there are people who have no clue what a good movie is and those people have dollars too and sway things in the industry via what they consume and do not consume. To just get rid of it completely because some people are uninformed, or even downright rude on the internet is a poor excuse. The real reason they are actually doing it, is money. If the trolls made them money they would keep those boards running 24/7 for the next 100 years. Anyway, so a convenient solution allows them to seem as if they are improving something when it is really just an excuse to not have to worry about something that doesn't really make them any money (but costs very little) Shame on Amazon, and shame on Col Needham who founded the site and has apparently lost his way. IMDB is intellectually dead if they do not reinstate at least some type of message boards in the near future... Having no discussion because some of it is "uncomfortable" or not what you want to hear is not what democracy is about, nor what the website initially was about....corporatization of the internet continues and I will not be supporting IMDB.com until they come up with an amenable alternative.

  • Greg Walko

    Person513890, I have to agree with you. At first I thought it was a good idea after reading the moronic nonsense and constant name calling. But as Niels posted, the alternatives are ridiculous...two sentence posts, emoticons.
    Your well thought out reply would require too big of an effort to get through for many Insta-featherweights.

  • RRozsa

    Well said!

  • holborne

    I think imdb definitely made the right decision. While some of the message boards -- mainly the ones for foreign and indie films -- are a good place to discuss movies or ask questions about plot points, most of them have turned into the standard internet comments section, overrun by trolls, misogynists, and plain old morons. On the whole, good riddance.

  • Trolls are everywhere on the net. If people want to avoid them perhaps they should stay off the internet.

  • holborne

    Kind of misses the point in a rather dramatic fashion. So if a forum has been ruined because it's overrun by trolls, the appropriate response is to tell people who aren't trolls to stay off the internet? Uh-HUH.

    If imdb were willing to moderate the boards, fine. They're not, and so they're useless.

  • Bruce Taylor

    Sorry, but YOU missed the point. We are not saying that people who aren't trolls should stay off the internet. We are saying that people who can not handle/ignore trolls should.

  • RRozsa

    I could not disagree with you more. But at least here is a forum for me to say that. At IMDB, it will be impossible to have a give-and-take on varying viewpoints anymore, or even to be able to read what others have said over the past years. I cannot express how much I hate this decision.

  • rnlol

    What is the real reason behind it though? Those boards must drive huge traffic to the site, and they've been there forever, it's not like it's an experiment that didn't pan out. So why have they suddenly decided to get rid of them?

  • Person513890

    $$$. Amazon bought IMDB so they could link all their amazon prime films for rent right on IMDB when people look up a movie. That is all Amazon really cares about with IMDB. Instant profits from having a direct link right on IMDB to their streaming service. Anything beyond that that doesn't make them money...they do not care. and Col Needham the guy who founded it in his house years ago must be making enough now as a Vice President of Amazon as part of the deal that he just doesn't care anymore either, otherwise he should have insisted they keep them and update them or moderate them which wouldn't cost much money in the grand scheme of things. The bottom line is money, not making it "better" for people, there are lots of people who WANT AND USE THE MESSAGE BOARDS ALL THE TIME. Just getting rid of them is purely a way for them to get rid of a minor headache that costs about 5 cents to maintain and makes them little money. The website will be worse without it, not better, as some discussion, even in varying forms is better than no discussion at all. That is more like a dictatorship/oligarchy than democracy, and it is not what film is about. I will not be supporting Amazon or IMDB until they find a suitable replacement for the message boards.

  • rnlol

    They bought it in 1998 and kept the message boards up for 19 years. I'm wondering, why now and for what purpose (and I don't see how taking down the boards will increase Amazon's revenue from IMDb, seems the opposite).

  • Brett Pick

    imdb didn't have message boards until 2001.

  • rnlol

    OK. So 16 years. Hardly affects the point I'm making.

  • Negativity (trolls), no incentive to put decent moderation on it because it doesn't serve Amazon's ROI. Somehow they're aiming to make money off of IMDb and it's not through a healthy user community, so it gets ditched because companies don't really care about consumers when it doesn't make the money.

  • rnlol

    I find it hard to believe that they've all of a sudden decided that there are too many trolls. And I also find it hard to believe that the traffic they'll lose by deleting their message boards will be offset by the traffic they'll gain by removing the background negativity - do people actually avoid using IMDb for reference purposes because of the negativity of their message board community? I doubt it. But there *are* a lot of people who use IMDb primarily as a discussion platform. Surely this will only reduce the site's traffic overall (and therefore Amazon's revenue stream).

  • Kabukiman2337

    "I find it hard to believe that they've all of a sudden decided that there are too many trolls."

    Why do you think it's all of the sudden? Just because it was announced recently doesn't mean it hasn't been in the works for a while with them.

  • rnlol

    I don't mean overnight, but 'all of a sudden' relative to the 19 years that Amazon has owned IMDb and its message boards, which have always been poorly moderated and somewhat toxic.

  • Kabukiman2337

    Fair enough, I misunderstood.

  • It's just "brand" stuff. It's why Facebook only had "like" for years and doesn't allow for too much negativity on their site. They want their "social platform" to be a happy, inspiring place that people like to visit (who cares that it doesn't reflect reality in the slightest). Will it actually affect IMDb's bottom line? Maybe not, but Amazon doesn't want to become the next Twitter (which does have an image problem with abuse and trolling).

    It's probably not "all of a sudden either". I'm sure they've been monitoring traffic for a while. Because of the trolling and lack of moderation it's probably in decline, so they finally decided to get rid of it. Just a bit of clean-up that limits the risk of brand tarnish and shouldn't give them too much push-back because it was a vile place to begin with.

    Even so, as someone who likes to discuss film, it becomes increasingly hard to find other people to talk to (in an online community sense). Facebook or Twitter clearly aren't any worthwhile alternatives and forums are a dying breed.

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