Giveaway! Win a Copy of DEAD WEST on DVD

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Giveaway! Win a Copy of DEAD WEST on DVD

Jeff Ferrell's thriller Dead West comes out on DVD today. If you always wanted a copy but were afraid to ask then here is your chance to win one from ScreenAnarchy. Two of our readers in the U.S. can win a copy of the DVD just by entering our contest. 

In DEAD WEST, a charismatic outlaw sets out on a murderous cross-country trip searching for true love. Each time he thinks he has found “the one," he ends up disappointed - and she ends up dead. Managing to elude capture by traveling from one town to the next, his luck runs out when Tony (Arrington), the brother of one of his victims, tracks him down. Suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted as Tony seeks vengeance by enforcing his own brand of vigilante justice.

Are your ready to enter to win a copy of this thriller on DVD? E-mail us with the answer this skill testing question below. All correct entries will be entered into a random draw on Friday. Here we go. 

How many hats did writer/director Jeff Ferrell end up wearing during the production of his film?

I have already given you two, writer and director, but how many other roles did Ferrell have in the production of Dead West? E-mail us the answer when you have found it

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