First Images And Teaser From Fredrik Hana's AUTUMN HARVEST

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We've been keeping an eye on Norway's Fredrik Hana in these parts for quite some time now. We first wrote about his work back in 2009 with his short film Transsexual Express and checked back in in 2011 with time travel oddity Allfader before moving on to last year's Fantastic Fest selection, the appropriately titled Angst, Piss And Shit, which features plenty of all of the above.

As you may guess from the titles, Hana is a bit of a restless sort, continuously reinventing himself from project to project and he has done so again with his latest short - the handsomely shot in black and white and very much classically composed Autumn Harvest. But this is no agrarian tale, no, there's something much darker at play here.

Take a look below for the film's official poster, first stills and the teaser.

AUTUMN HARVEST (Teaser) from BLÆST on Vimeo.

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