Chris Columbus Signs On For New GREMLINS And GOONIES Sequels

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Chris Columbus Signs On For New GREMLINS And GOONIES Sequels
Chris Columbus appears to be getting back to his roots.

The Tracking Board bring word that Columbus has signed on as a producer for new Goonies and Gremlins films, both of which will reportedly be sequels set some thirty years following the originals. Columbus, of course, wrote both of the original films and while there have been rumblings of both off and on for years now this is the firmest indication yet that they are actually moving forward.

There is no word yet whether Gremlins director Joe Dante will return but Goonies helmer Richard Donner is reportedly on board for the sequel as well and hopes to bring the entire original cast back with him
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Mehaillien ThundercrossJuly 10, 2014 6:41 PM

I can see it now, CGI Gremlins.... Ugh...

Todd BrownJuly 10, 2014 8:37 PM

Nope. Columbus is clear he doesn't want CGI.

Mehaillien ThundercrossJuly 10, 2014 11:26 PM

As long as he has creative control, I rest my case. I would hate for him to walk halfway through the project because someone with the purse strings wants cheap and easy.