EXCLUSIVE: Watch The First Teaser For Kaneko Shusuke's DANGER DOLLS

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EXCLUSIVE: Watch The First Teaser For Kaneko Shusuke's DANGER DOLLS
Japanese director Kaneko Shusuke has had a wild and varied career, helming big budget blockbusters like Death Note and the Gamera trilogy, but also producing strange low budget features like last year's erotic teen lesbian drama Jellyfish, which proved a surprising highlight of last year's Okinawa International Movie Festival. 

For his latest offering, Kaneko teams the female star of his previous film, Hanai Rumi, with diminutive action heroine Takeda Rina (Dead Sushi, High Kick Girl) in an action packed science fiction action adventure aimed squarely at younger audiences, Danger Dolls. The film had its world premiere at Yubari earlier this year and now ScreenAnarchy has a first look at the film's first - English-dubbed teaser trailer.

We also get a look at the film's poster and a detailed synopsis - check them out below:

From filmmaker Shusuke Kaneko, director of the Death Note films, the 1990s Gamera trilogy, and the most acclaimed Godzilla movie of the modern age, Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, comes a new girls' action film featuring a quartet of butt-kicking heroines who are humanity's only hope when extraterrestrial invaders threaten the safety of the Earth.

When an earthquake in eastern Japan rocks a world where guns and nuclear power are banned, mysterious invaders start to silently infiltrate all elements of society. Ten years later, the invasion is discovered by an elite group of four female assassins known as the DANGER DOLLS. The members of the Danger Dolls - Arisa (Rumi Hanai), Rei (Rina Takeda - High Kick Girl & Noboru Iguchi's Dead Sushi), Mari (Nana Seino - Sion Sono's Tokyo Tribe) and Miki (Kayano - Maki Mizui's Kept) - possess extraordinary martial arts and sword skills.  Their mission is to protect society from evil. What they don't know is where the invaders come from and what is their purpose.

The Danger Dolls soon learn that the invaders are entering through a wormhole, a portal connecting parallel worlds that appears in locations where negative and positive magnetic charges cancel each other out, creating an area of zero magnetism. The location of this specific wormhole is still unknown. Yagyu (Kohki Okada), the commander of the Danger Dolls, discovers that five new invaders who appeared simultaneously are all members of a cult disguised as a political party called the Bright Japan Party headed by Gotokuji (Noboru Kaneko - Godzilla: Tokyo SOS) whose master plan is to destroy both worlds.  The invaders had all visited the same place in the preceding week - a recreational facility belonging to the party. 

After eliminating the five invaders, the Danger Dolls return to their hideout and are handed cute stage costumes by Yagyu to masquerade as a pop idol group while searching for the wormhole.  Due to the recent explosion of pop idol groups in Japan, their cover will not arouse suspicion. 

The Danger Dolls infiltrate a forest surrounding the recreational facility of the party and discover a Shinto shrine gate where the zero magnetism zone is located. The gate is electrically charged and appears to have a machine inside. The party members discover them and a battle royale ensues.  Can the Danger Dolls defeat Gotokuji and his cult and expose the massive conspiracy that threatens both worlds?
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Theodore WirthMay 15, 2014 5:33 PM

With first-hand knowledge on the sexist Japanese culture, this film makes me anticipate yet another ironic action film. Is this genre sexist or a parody?