Race From Death With Full Trailer For Iguchi's LIVE

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Race From Death With Full Trailer For Iguchi's LIVE
Machine Girl director Iguchi Noboru has been going through something of a personal reinvention process over the past couple years, not abandoning the genre world that is his stock in trade but certainly looking to expand the palette a bit beyond goofy effects and slapstick humor. He still does those, too, but there's a definite move towards other approaches as well. And the changes in approach are certainly evident in the full trailer for his upcoming effort Live. Here's how Eigapedia describes it:

On the morning of a certain Tuesday, a mysterious "death race" is suddenly announced on television. Viewers are enthralled by the excitement of the competition, with participants getting knocked out of the race one after another in unpredictable ways. Meanwhile, survivors refer to a certain guide book for tips on how to succeed.

Viewers remain oblivious to the real reason people are participating in such a deadly event--each has fallen into a cruel trap while trying to protect the ones they love.

So, yes, there's (more than) a bit of Hunger Games and Battle Royale in there though executed on a smaller scale. Check out the trailer below.
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