WARSAW STORIES Trailer: An Omnibus Film Dedicated To Poland's Sprawling Capital

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WARSAW STORIES Trailer: An Omnibus Film Dedicated To Poland's Sprawling Capital
Most important cities in the world have their own anthology films. Whether related or not, various stories presented in such specific features tend to reveal a lot about a given place and its citizens, often attempting to evoke a realistic atmosphere and emotions inspired by the location. The long list includes New York Stories, Tokyo!, To Rome with Love, and Paris, je t'aime, just to name a few.

Now Warsaw, Poland's sprawling capital, finally gets its chance to join the group, thanks to Warsaw Stories (Stacja Warszawa), an omnibus film directed by five ambitious graduates of Andrzej Wajda's Master School of Directing: Maciej Cuske, Kacper Lisowski, Nenad Mikovic, Mateusz Rakowicz, and Tymon Wyciszkiewicz. By touching upon themes such as loneliness, degradation of moral values, big-city struggles, murder, and Christianity, the film's creators attempt to expose the darker side of the lives of random Varsovians. Warsaw Stories features some of the country's established actors: Marta Lipinska, Eryk Lubos, Zbigniew Zamachowski, among others. Here's a brief synopsis (via Polish Film Institute):

Six intertwining stories show a lifestyle panorama, a portrait of contemporary Warsaw and its residents. The central plot focuses on Igła - an ex-con who has visions of the Virgin Mary. He has become a pious Christian and wants to lead others to salvation. In his journey, he crosses paths with the protagonists of the other plot lines.

Warsaw Stories had its world premiere at Koszalin Film Festival of Debut last year, where it won seven prizes. It will open in cinemas countrywide on March 28, 2014. Watch the trailer below!
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