Take On The IN THE BLOOD Drinking Game!

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Take On The IN THE BLOOD Drinking Game!
If there is one thing that we at ScreenAnarchy know just as well as movies, it has to be recreational drinking. From Greg Christie's Boozie Movies and Fear & Loathing articles, to drunken director reviews, to making sure our residences during film festivals are 'within stumbling distance' to the venues, we all have a pretty good grasp of the limits of our livers. 

So, I have been encouraged by the filmmakers of In the Blood to turn you all into alcoholics and create the In The Blood Drinking Game. When the film opens in cinemas and on iTunes and On Demand on April 4, you are encouraged to stock up on your favorite fermented and distilled beverages and participate. 

Here are the rules...

Take a drink - Every time Gina Carano says she is looking for or wants to find her husband.

Take a drink - Every time Gina Carano shoots someone.

Take a drink - Every time Gina Carano punches/kicks/generally beats down a dude. 

Take a drink - Every time Gina Carano appears on digital video or closed circuit television - and yell, "I spy with my little eye!"

Take a shot - Every time Gina Carano punches/kicks/ground & pounds another chick.

Take a shot - Every scene with Danny Trejo.

It goes without saying that we encourage you to participate in this drinking game in the comfort of your own home with In The Blood on iTunes and On Demand. Obviously, do not try this at the cinema. No underage drinking, please. This isn't Neknominate! And if you are unlike me and have friends to drink with, make sure they are spending the night. We encourage fun, not stupidity. 
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