LOCKER 13: Everything Has A Story In This Exclusive Clip

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LOCKER 13: Everything Has A Story In This Exclusive Clip
The thriller anthology Locker 13 opens in U.S. cinemas on Friday, March 28th and we have an exclusive clip to share with you. We have also included the trailer for the flick for your viewing pleasure. I suppose what we see in this exclusive clip is Archie (Jon Gries) beginning to impart his wisdom upon young Skip (Jason Spisak).

Skip, the nighttime janitor in an Old West theme park, delves into the mysteries surrounding an old locker. His sage supervisor recounts chilling tales that underscore the importance of making the right choice. The recollection includes an aging boxer who is given an opportunity to become a real killing machine, a young man seeking membership in a secret society who experiences an initiation with deadly consequences, a would be suicide shaken to his core by a menacing member of a very special club, and a hit man for hire playing a devious cat and mouse game with three women who have a score to settle. The stories suddenly come into play when Skip makes an unsettling discovery and faces a life-or-death decision of his own.

Locker 13 stars Tatyana Ali, Krista Allen, Ricky Schroder, Jason Spisak, Jon Gries, Rick Hoffman, Bart Johnson, and Jason Marsden. The segments were directed by Bruce Dellis (The Byzantine Order), Jason Marsden (The Author), Matthew Mebane (Down and Out), Adam Montierth (Suicide Club), and Donovan Montierth (The Other Side).

We hope to have a review of Locker 13 for you before its release date. 
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