First Trailer For Poignant Japanese Drama OUR FAMILY

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First Trailer For Poignant Japanese Drama OUR FAMILY
From Ishii Yûya, the director of last year's highly successful Japanese film The Great Passage, comes a heartbreaking drama based on the recently published novel by Hayami Kazumasa. Our Family (Bokutachi no Kazoku) centers on a shattered family that suddenly needs to come together when one of its members, the 60 year old mother, is diagnosed with a deadly disease. The poignant and distinctly tearful atmosphere of the first trailer is in perfect accordance with the even more depressing storyline, which is briefly summed up in the following few sentences:

Since Reiko (Mieko Harada) turned 60-years-old, she seems to get more and more forgetful, but her husband Katsuaki (Kyozo Nagatsuka), first son Kousuke (Satoshi Tsumabuki) and second son Shunpei (Sosuke Ikematsu) do not care or notice. One day, Reiko goes to see a doctor and is diagnose with brain tumor. She only has a week to live.

After Reiko tells the her family that "a family that gets scattered makes me scared," she seems to become a totally different person. As if she has Alzheimer's, Reiko says whatever is on her mind.

Watch the first trailer below and visit the official website for more Japanese-language treats. Our Family will be released in Japan on May 24, 2014.

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