PUZZLE Trailer: Prepare For Another Japanese High School Bloodbath

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PUZZLE Trailer: Prepare For Another Japanese High School Bloodbath
Prepare for another blood-soaked high school massacre! Apparently, making brutal and shocking films that focus on poor students taking part in life-or-death battles is becoming a sort of trend in the enigmatic world of Japanese cinema. I'm pretty sure many of you, dear ScreenAnarchy readers, are huge fans of such pictures as the successful and enormously entertaining Battle Royale and the shockingly hilarious pastiche Lesson of the Evil.

It feels like only yesterday that Miike Takashi revealed his next project As God Says, a survival thriller based on a popular manga of the same name, where a group of students is forced to participate in a mysterious and violent game. If you think that's still not enough, well I've got good news for you. Just a few days ago it's been announced that Naito Eisuke's (Let's Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club) sophomore project is going to be an adaptation of Yamada Yusuke's novel Puzzle, a similarly gory and nasty genre shocker. Here's the synopsis:

High school student Azusa (Kaho) jumps off from the rooftop of a school building, but she survives. One month later, the school is taken over by group of people wearing bizarre masks. A pregnant teacher is imprisoned, while the head director of the school and male students disappear. Azusa then finds pieces of a puzzle in an envelope given to her by classmate Shigeo (Shuhei Nomura). The puzzle pieces holds the key to solve the case. Azusa chases after Shigeo and she sees something which is unimaginable.

Be sure to check out the first trailer below! It's weird and inscrutable in just the perfect way to keep anyone intrigued. Puzzle will premiere March 8, 2014 in Japan.

Source: Eigapedia
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