Trailer: Polish War Drama STONES FOR THE RAMPART

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Trailer: Polish War Drama STONES FOR THE RAMPART
Poland's tempestuous history is a collection of many uniquely chilling and tragic chapters and a never-ending bag of courageous stories. For decades, it served as an inspiration for many more or less successful pictures. However, this trend has also lead to a series of recent jokes that slightly criticize Polish cinema for it's inability to go beyond history/war genre films.

Robert Glinski's Stones For The Rampart (Kamienie na Szaniec) evidently follows the crowd. Since the book that it's based on is shelved as required reading for Polish school children, most Poles are already familiar with this affecting tale of bravery, honor and patriotism. Only time will tell whether people still find it interesting enough to revisit. The trailer gives the impression that Stones For The Rampart will be kept in a much darker, more aggressive tone than Operation Arsenal, Jan Lomnicki's 1978 adaptation of the same book.

The story portrayed in the book is a slightly fictionalized account of real lives of Gray Rank members (known by their noms-de-guerre Rudy, Zośka, Alek), with the final act centred around the Operation Arsenal. The book tells the story of a group of Polish boy-scouts trying to rescue Rudy from a German prison.

Stones For The Rampart opens in Polish cinemas on March 7, 2014. Chances for a wider international release are rather slim.

Watch the Polish-language trailer below.
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WhoreWhispererFebruary 20, 2014 10:19 AM

Didn't know they made movies in Poland.

aleksandraApril 2, 2014 4:19 AM

Oh ya, we do and we have been doing. We are not such a big country like US, what doesnt change the fact that we are developing and following these bigger countries. Poland is in possession of great movies and if you havent heard about them means that you shouldnt behave as you were a cinema buff.
Congratulations to all creators of the movie. Im a diehard fan of Kamienie na Szaniec book. It conveys real story about Polish history and about Polish suffering during The War.