THE BABADOOK: Story Time Turns To Terror In Brilliant First Trailer For Sundance Selected Horror

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THE BABADOOK: Story Time Turns To Terror In Brilliant First Trailer For Sundance Selected Horror
Wow. Just wow. The first trailer for Jennifer Kent's Sundance selected horror film The Babadook has arrived online and in a lineup jammed with high profile familiar faces it appears that Kent may very well be the dark horse that comes in with no fanfare and exits with the lion's share of the fanfare. This, kids, is one hell of a trailer.

From breakthrough writer-director Jennifer Kent comes the creepy psychological horror movie The Babadook, making its world premiere in Sundance's Midnight section. The film tells of a single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, who battles with her son's nighttime fear of a shadowy monster.  But soon, she must confront the sinister presence lurking in the house. With echoes of past and contemporary classics like Rosemary's Baby, The Tenant, The Exorcist, The Omen and Let the Right One In, the film is an immaculately crafted tale starring Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman. The supporting cast includes Daniel Henshall, Hayley McElhinney, Barbara West, and Ben Winspear.

Lights down, volume up. Take a look below.
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j.deleón-serratosJanuary 15, 2014 4:40 PM

I don't see it.

BeastnessaJanuary 15, 2014 4:48 PM

..where is it?

Todd BrownJanuary 15, 2014 4:54 PM

Weird. Embed didn't stick. Should be fixed now. Refresh and try again.

Todd BrownJanuary 15, 2014 4:54 PM

Refresh and try again!

omnisemantic1January 15, 2014 5:23 PM

Agreed! This looks like pure awesomeness ^^

GeorgianRevivalJanuary 15, 2014 6:57 PM

Not a job for Phryne Fisher!

rage72January 15, 2014 8:58 PM

Now this looks scary!!I can't wait to read the reviews for this!

kidlazarusJanuary 15, 2014 9:06 PM

This looks to be quite a romp... hopefully not all of the twists and turns are given away in this trailer. Would love to see the "Mister Babadook" pop-up book hit the shelves next to Adam Mansbach's "Go the F**k to Sleep."

Sebo McPowersJanuary 15, 2014 9:10 PM

Awesome trailer! Can`t wait to see this!

davebaxterJanuary 17, 2014 6:08 AM

On a lark I gave to their Kickstarter last year (so got my DVD reserved, yay!), was super happy to hear it made it into Sundance - it really was a surprise being such a dark horse! Looking forward to this big time.

Joshua ChaplinskyMarch 23, 2014 9:07 PM

This movie was creepy as hell.