Exclusive: Watch The First STREET SOCIETY Teaser

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Exclusive: Watch The First STREET SOCIETY Teaser

Aaron Paul will not be the only one racing super-expensive cars on the big screen this year. A street racing film from Indonesia's Awi Suryadi, Street Society is an automotive romp filled with intrigue, comedy, and action-packed racing sequences in various Indonesian locations, from the majestic Suramadu Bridge to the narrow streets of Jakarta to the exotic roads of Bali. The film will be unleashed on 20 February.

Among the cast is Marcel Chandrawinata (Alexandria), Chelsea Elizabeth Islan (Refrain), and Edward Gunawan (Arisan! 2) driving everything from a Lamborghini to a Ferrari.

Here's the official synopsis:

Cocky, charismatic and womanizing Rio (Marcel Chandrawinata) is the reigning champion of Indonesia's illegal street racing scene. Along with his friends--tuning genius Monty (Daniel Topan), Balinese champion racer Gde (Yogie Tan), and the beautiful-yet-brash Nanda (Kelly Tandiono)--Rio forms a speed-obsessed society, racing against fellow super car owners in exotic and beautiful locations across the country. Rio's archenemy is Nico (Edward Gunawan), the heavily-guarded heir to a Surabaya crime syndicate--and the city's number one racer--who keeps pushing Rio for a rematch after an embarrassing loss on the former's home turf.

Rio's priorities change, however, after he meets the beautiful and smart Karina (Chelsea Islan), a newcomer DJ who plays at one of his regular hangouts. Their friendship soon blossoms into something more serious. For the first time in his life, Rio feels he can focus on something other than racing. After a race ends with a near-death incident that shocked Karina, Rio decides to put his racing days behind. That is, until nervy racer Yopie (Edward Akbar) enters the scene. Yopie bears a violent hatred against Nico, whose family he blamed for the death of his father, a notorious mobster, in the late 90s. His only chance for payback is by taking down Nico on the road--the only place where the latter is not surrounded by his horde of bodyguards. Yopie forces Rio to take the wheel against Nico for one last time, or else Karina would be a victim of Yopie's violent tendencies.

Can Rio and his band of misfit petrolheads save Karina? What surprises are installed when they execute their intricate plan?

street society balis.jpg

As far as i can remember there's not yet a film that focused on street racing from Indonesia. Street Society adds to the exciting list of Indonesian films to be released this year, from Killers to The Raid 2: Berandal to The Guardian, with each trying to push the envelope of Indonesian cinema.

Below you can watch the promising teaser trailer, and i myself hope to see more of it in an upcoming trailer.

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