Watch The Creepy Trailer For Jorge Olguin's WHISPERS OF THE FOREST

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Watch The Creepy Trailer For Jorge Olguin's WHISPERS OF THE FOREST
Chilean director Jorge Olguin has been a regular in these pages over the years as he has served up a string of horror pictures to local audiences and he returns once again with his 3D horror film Whispers of the Forest (Gritos Del Bosque).

The story revolves around a pair of Chilean women hired as guides to take a team of international engineers into the wild to conduct a survey for a proposed dam. But what they find are the ghosts of warriors slain in battle five hundred years before.

Take a look at the trailer below.
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RoboticPlagueOctober 30, 2013 4:14 AM

Audio sounds terrible

noodels2October 30, 2013 12:26 PM

Why dub this it makes it so not creepy. Subtitles

Mr. CavinOctober 30, 2013 4:50 PM

I kind of like the trailer, all things considered. I dig that haunted house glow-in-the-dark monster, and some of the Blair Witch quoting going on the POV bits. I do think the Jew's harp was a odd choice for the trailergasm, though. Skewed a little Dukes of Hazzard for a horror movie.

StakeNovember 3, 2013 6:22 PM

the moster was happier once