The VIKING VAMPIRE Will Invade Norway!

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The VIKING VAMPIRE Will Invade Norway!
Though it's still a ways away from becoming reality, here's a little something special to file away for future reference: Bergan based production company MadMonkey have received development funding for their upcoming project Viking Vampire. And it is exactly what it promises on the tin ...

The script now under way with writers Kjersti Rasmussen and Kjersti Steinsbø is set in modern times on the set of reality TV show Valhalla in which contestants must live as Vikings on the historical burial ground of Viking King Eirik Blood Tooth. But here's the thing: While Eirik was, indeed, buried there, he wasn't dead at the time. Not technically. He was a vampire and has been waiting thousands of years for someone to let him out ...

The producers are currently in discussions with potential director and hope to go into production in 2014.

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