Euro Beat: New Films From Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders and... Orson Welles!?

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In the latest installment of Euro Beat, I'll be taking a look at several brand new (at least,new to the public), very significant projects  originating from unlikely places. As always, click through the gallery below for additional European news briefs as well as the latest box office report.

First up is German fiction and documentary giant Werner Herzog who has followed up his harrowing death row documentary Into the Abyss with a public service announcement about texting and driving that is, no kidding, also harrowing.

The spot has been getting generous coverage around the internet partly because our culture is only just now becoming vocal about this issue, and partly because legendary filmmakers don't tackle PSA's very often. However, in case you just cracked a smile and skipped watching the thing itself, allow me to argue that all cinephiles -- even those who don't drive or text -- should give the film their attention.

And it is a film. Either that, or the most cinematic PSA ever made. Regardless, the thirty-five minute documentary, which delves into the lives of both the victims and perpetrators of accidents caused by texting and driving, touches on much more universal issues than just the matter at hand. As the title, From One Second to the Next, suggests, the film provides reflections one of Herzog's favorite themes -- that chaotic unpredictability of life, and the way it can change irreversibly in a split second.

Moreover, rather than simply wallowing in the tragedy of each moment, Herzog examines the way the tragedy evolves over time, as well as the human capacity for forgiveness. Just try not to grab the tissues when a man who hit three Amish children while driving reads a letter from their father.  

There's also something both artful and awful about the way Herzog displays the text message being sent at the time of accident on screen during the interviews. As he told Fast Company:

Much of the traffic now in messages is mostly banalities. All the catastrophic accidents when these young people were texting, every single message that was sent while they were driving is utterly trivial, in every single case... I do believe that very much of what's going on with texting [in general] is of the same triviality.

So take a look at the video, dry your eyes, then click through for the rest of Eurobeat, including a never-before-seen Orson Welles film, European box office stats and news of Ken Loach's final feature.

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mightyjoeyoungAugust 13, 2013 7:54 PM

"However, in case you just cracked a smile and skipped watching the thing itself, allow me to argue that all cinephiles -- even those who don't drive or text -- should give the film their attention. "


On this website, Mr Clark...?

hahahhahahahhahah....I haven´t noticed any.

All joking aside, this was very powerful stuff, Herzog usually does a great job even if it´s just a PSA.

This issue about driving and using the cellphone, have become a debate in Sweden a few times.......create a law or not.....some say it´s too late, should have been done 10-15 years ago......

"What's especially exciting about the project though, is the fact Benoît Debie will be shooting the film. Debie has already pushed cinematography to a visceral extreme in films like Irreversible"

Debie shooting in 3D could be great in other words.

"Now for the big surprise of this week -- A long-lost film by Orson Welles has just been discovered Pordenone, Italy!"

News like this is always welcomed, I´m hoping they found a uncut version of Freaks(1932) one day.

"Ken Loach's upcoming narrative feature Jimmy's Hall, which I've covered previously, will reportedly be his last,"

Loach is getting old......hoping Paul Laverty is writing the screenplay.

"It looks as though Europe still loves their little blue friends from Belgium."

Oh are talking about smurfs...?

I thought it was Avatar 2....hahahhahahahh

"The only big local news is in The Czech Republic, where Alice Nellis' musical-comedy
Revival stayed at the number one spot for the fourth week since its domestic release."

I didn´t even know that Czech Republic made musicals.

Great job as always, thanks Mr Clark.

CobraverdeAugust 14, 2013 6:24 AM

It's actually called "Too Much Johnson", and the fire was at Welles' Spanish villa. He lost a lot of his personal archive then.

Theodore WirthAugust 14, 2013 9:50 PM

Herzog is the man and he isn't just documentaries. How many of you have viewed The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, Stroszek, Woyzeck or Cobra Verde?