China Box Office: The Girls Of TINY TIMES Trounce The MAN OF STEEL

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China Box Office: The Girls Of TINY TIMES Trounce The MAN OF STEEL

Mainland youth drama Tiny Times scores an epic opening weekend, easily knocking Zack Snyder's Man of Steel off the top spot, while local animation also does well.

Rank Title Origin 24/6-30/6 (US$) Total (US$) Screening days
1 Tiny Times China $42.76 $42.76 4
2 Man of Steel USA $21.14 $47.22 11
3 Badges of Fury China $18.30 $33.40 10
4 Happy Heroes China $2.12 $2.12 3
5 Sammy's Adventures 2 China $0.92 $0.92 3
6 Star Trek Into Darkness USA $0.48 $56.91 34
7 Mysterious Face China $0.47 $3.59 17
8 Switch China $0.42 $46.82 22
9 American Dreams in China China $0.34 $86.45 45
10 Colombiana USA $0.15 $8.05 24
While Jet Li/Wen Zhang cop comedy Badges of Fury came close to snatching pole position from Warner Bros Superman epic, Man of Steel, when both films opened last week, neither of them could mount any serious competition against the latest youth-oriented local drama to prove box office gold in China. 
Tiny Times, the debut film from novelist-turned-director Guo Jingming, is the story of four young, beautiful university grads, and follows the ups and downs of their new adult lives in present day Shanghai. After just four days on release the film has taken an incredible RMB260 million and is on course to be one of the year's biggest hits. Neither Man of Steel nor Badges of Fury could manage even half of Tiny Times' take in their second weekend.
Nothing else on release got much of a look-in, with locally-produced animations Happy Heroes and Sammy's Adventures 2 rounding out the Top 5 as the only real alternatives to the more adult-focused releases. 
Next week sees Johnnie To's Blind Detective and the Keanu Reeves-directed martial arts thriller Man of Tai Chi open on the mainland, but neither looks likely to give Tiny Times a run for its money. Jay Chou's The Rooftop, which opens on 11 July, will be next film likely to appeal to the same audience. Tiny Times opens in Hong Kong on 25 July.
Box office figures courtesy of EntGroup
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