LA Film Fest 2013: ScreenAnarchy Picks 12 Must-See Films

Festivals Editor; Los Angeles, California (@RylandAldrich)
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It's LA Film Fest time with LA's downtown fest kicking off tonight with Pedro Almodovar's I'm So Excited. ScreenAnarchy will be on hand with a small crew to bring you news and reviews from around the fest. You can follow us on twitter at @ScreenAnarchy | @BenUmstead | @AlexKoehne | @RylandAldrich

Now here are our 12 must see picks from the fest!


From the director of the manic and deliciously dark The Maid, and starring Michael Cera as a dick. Yep. I'm on board. Read Ryland's review here. -Ben Umstead

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  • Kurt

    ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD is the bes doc I've seen this year.

  • stwsr

    Seriously?! Levitated Mass? MAJOR MOAN!

  • Ben Umstead

    Why the moan? Care to elaborate...

    Keep in mind these are all really subjective picks. But I wanted to offer some odder, lesser-expected choices.

  • Elia StKarene

    Well I am going for my number 1 must see film, Johnnie To's Drug War.

  • Agreed! It just barely missed the list - as did EUROPA REPORT, DELIVERY, and NOBODY'S DAUGHTER HAEWON.

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