Kim Ki-duk's Banned MOEBIUS To Be Re-Evaluated by Korea Media Ratings Board

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Kim Ki-duk's Banned MOEBIUS To Be Re-Evaluated by Korea Media Ratings Board
Never one to shy away from controversy, Kim Ki-duk's latest film Moebius was effectively banned last week for featuring 'harmful content'. The move by the Korea Media Ratings Board (KMRB) has been controversial, particularly as Kim was the local industry's favored son last year following a historic win of Venice's Golden Lion prize for his film Pieta. Now it has come to light that Kim and his producer Kim Soon-mo have re-submitted the film to the KMRB, hoping for a classification that will allow mature audiences to view it at their own discretion.

In a letter sent to the KMRB, Kim stated that the mother-son incest element of the film (which he believes is the cause of the agency's restrictive ruling) is a necessary element to his story. He further explained that when taken in context of the overall narrative, this deviant relationship takes on a different meaning. Kim wrote that the inclusion of the scenes was 'an inevitable choice' for him. If the film fails to secure a more lenient rating, Kim said he will reimburse cast and crew out of his own pocket.

According to producer Kim Soon-mo, the KMRB has agreed to give the film a second chance after reviewing director Kim's letter. It is unclear whether the submitted cut has gone through any changes following the initial ruling.
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