Siren Visual Unleashes a MONSTER Anime On Australia

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia (@Kwenton)
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Siren Visual Unleashes a MONSTER Anime On Australia
The German-set serial murder meets surgery psycho-twist anime series Monster has been acquired by Siren Visual for Australia. 

It is in the early stages of being live-adapted by Guillermo Del Toro and HBO but you can see it in its original Japanese and English dubbed glory on DVD starting November this year.

Monster is the story of a Japanese brain surgeon who chooses to save the life of a young boy over the life of the city mayor. Bizarre serial murder follows. Monster is an intense psychological thriller spanning 74 episodes which will be released in 5 installments beginning November 2013.

See here for more information on Monster and stay tuned to ScreenAnarchy for more news as it comes in.
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