Hey Australia! We Have Even More Slice And Dice To Give Away With THE SAMURAI TRILOGY As We Celebrate Toho Month At ScreenAnarchy

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Hey Australia! We Have Even More Slice And Dice To Give Away With THE SAMURAI TRILOGY As We Celebrate Toho Month At ScreenAnarchy
We are not done yet, folks! Live in Australia? You still have awesome prizes coming your way as we celebrate Toho Studios and give away prizes galore in the process!

Founded in 1932 and still going strong today, Toho Co. Ltd. is a Japanese film and distribution company. It is headquartered in Tokyo and outside Japan it is best known as the producer and distributor of many kaiju (monster) and tokusatsu (special effects) movies, the films of Kurosawa Akira, and the anime films of Studio Ghibli. Its most famous worldwide creation is Godzilla.

Twitch along with Madman Entertainment are celebrating May as the month of Toho and as such have five weeks of fantastic giveaways up for grabs! This is week four, which means the chance to own one of FIVE of the Samurai Trilogy movie box sets!

The Samurai Trilogy, starring Toshiro Mifune, was one of Japan's most successful exports of the 1950s, a rousing, emotionally gripping tale of combat and self-discovery. Based on a novel that's often called Japan's Gone with the Wind, this sweeping saga fictionalizes the life of the legendary seventeenth-century swordsman Musashi Miyamoto, following him on his path from unruly youth to enlightened warrior. With these three films 1954's Oscar-winning Musashi Miyamoto, 1955's Duel at Ichijoji Temple, and 1956's Duel at Ganryu Island - Inagaki created a passionate epic that's equal parts tender love story and bloody action. 

Samurai I - Musashi Miyamoto
The first installment follows the young Musashi on his quest for enlightenment. Faced with military defeat, Musashi is befriended by a woman and a mysterious priest who help him to walk the path of the Samurai.

Samurai II - Duel at Ichijoji Temple
Part two sees Musashi Miyamoto mature from a cynical wanderer into one of Japan's finest swordsmen. When Mushashi challenges a fencing school to prove his prowess, he begins to learn that mastery of the sword is also mastery of the self.

Samurai III - Duel at Ganryu Island
The final installment follows the hero Musashi Miyamoto on his quest for enlightenment. Renouncing his samurai skills in favor of a search for inner peace, Musashi is drawn into protecting a village from violent bandits. Followed by the obsessive swordsman Kojiro, the final duel at sunset on Ganryu Island is one of the most beautiful and bloody finales ever filmed.

To get your hands on this highly collectible DVD set, simply email me at kwenton[at]screenanarchy[dot]com with, in 25 words or less, a recent Samurai film you enjoyed, and why! Make sure you include your name and address.

Competition closes 28 May 2013 AEST. The next competition starts that day also as we finish this glorious month of Toho celebration so get in quick!
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