Aussie Filmmaker Andrew Morgan Uses Indiegogo In Reverse To Distribute Debut Feature

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Aussie Filmmaker Andrew Morgan Uses Indiegogo In Reverse To Distribute Debut Feature
Andrew Morgan is an experimental filmmaker, with his feature debut Yes No Yes Yes Go a sort of documentary-fiction hybrid, so it's fitting that he's also decided to release the film in an experimental way. It's a variation of what we've seen before, releasing a film online for a pay-per-view fee, but instead of using an iTunes-style platform, Morgan has opted to cut out almost all middlemen and distribute the feature direct to his audience via Indiegogo

So instead of going to his Indiegogo page to pay money to support a film that might not come out for a year or two, interested viewers can either buy a basic HD download they can watch immediately or choose from a bunch of packages all the way up to DVD/Blu-ray, with the premium option aimed at fellow filmmakers - a Skype consultation with Morgan himself, the personalised equivalent of a DVD extra. It's a cool idea and I've certainly not seen distribution done via one of these platforms before.

The ever-enterprising Morgan emailed me about the film after we first connected a few weeks ago on Twitter. He explained the narrative was essentially constructed from documentary-style footage the day before and during a music festival, and added internal monologue later (vaguely similar to Peep Show although much closer to a jumbled stream of consciousness) to construct a narrative using the characters. 

"Yes No Yes Yes Go was shot in one weekend, the night before a music festival and at the music festival, we used everything from a high end video camera, to DSLRS and mobile phones," he said. 

"The film is fiction, but is also part documentary; we pieced together a story based off the footage we collected and used internal monologue recorded in post to drive the story on a deeper level; that's where the fiction comes in."

"While it's highly experimental, we've created something of a new film language or built on conventions in a new way - taking documentary footage, seemingly normal moments and heightening them through the use of internal monologue - giving insights into the character's thoughts and therefore the experience as a whole," he said.

The finished results are very experimental (at least for my tastes) but once you acclimatize to the visual and aural approach after a few minutes, it's easy to settle into the idea of what Morgan is attempting to do - present a 20-something's world from their unique perspective, using an approach that conveys the heightened perspective of drugs or alcohol - but in a beautiful and compelling way. It's also shot in a way that puts you there, in the action.

About 7 more days of the current viewing window exists to get a copy of the film at the Indiegogo page. It's my understanding the film has had some formal distribution interest, but well done to Morgan and his cohorts for trying something different when this was less certain. Check out the strange trailer for Yes No Yes Yes Go, and if it takes your fancy or you want to take a low-cost risk, check out the film at the link below.
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TaylerMay 3, 2013 2:56 PM

wow $1 is hella cheap. i suppose if you factor in torrents then it's similar to people crowd-funding for a goal of $50. it's about exposure. which they've gotten, evidently. hmm interesting.

Manimal AutomanMay 5, 2013 5:26 AM

Worst. I would not pay $1 to see this. I would pay $1 to undo seeing the trailer. You suck Twitch.

Cedric Chou Ya-LiMay 5, 2013 7:09 AM

Very interesting distribution strategy -- and original use of the crowdfunding system.

Simon de BruynMay 5, 2013 10:47 AM

Thanks for the feedback. However I have seen the opening 15 mins of the movie and the trailer puzzles me as it's far more abstract than the film. A bit unsure why they took that route instead of showing what it's about.

All that said, the opening sentence does say he's an experimental filmmaker, not sure what else you were expecting.

Manimal AutomanMay 11, 2013 3:58 AM

It's "experimental"ness is not why it sucks. I love experimental fim, music, life. This is pedestrian awfulness and just straight up sucks. If this is an experiment it's a very trite one.

Simon de BruynMay 11, 2013 9:55 AM

I'm very unfamiliar with experimental cinema so it was interesting to me. Perhaps it was my description was misleading; maybe 'unconventional' is closer to the mark. Thanks for your feedback though, it's appreciated.