The Director Of TAPED Returns With Another Taut Thriller In DAYLIGHT

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The Director Of TAPED Returns With Another Taut Thriller In DAYLIGHT
While you may not recognize the name of Dutch director Diederik van Rooijen there's a very good chance that you're either familiar with his work already or will be very soon. You see, van Rooijen was the writer and director of Dutch television series Penoza, a series that has since been remade for US television as Red Widow. And last year he released taut thriller Taped, a feature film that also now has a US version in the works. So the man knows a thing or two about putting mass audiences onto the edges of their seats. And he's doing it again with Daylight.

Young lawyer Iris discovers that she has an older, autistic half-brother Ray, who is in prison for the atrocious murder of his neighbour and her five year-old daughter. When she meets Ray he reminds her a lot of her own son Aron, who also is autistic, and she starts to believe that he is innocent. But when she starts an investigation to prove this she is forced to ask many questions, and little by little, despite her hopes and doubts, her true family history is revealed...
Monique van de Ven, Fedja van HuĂȘt and Angela Schijf star. Check the trailer below.
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kidlazarusApril 10, 2013 5:56 PM

not to start trouble... but, Todd, with the provided film synopsis please tell me Vindaloofortheeyes didn't read this story. Only joking about an impending

Todd BrownApril 11, 2013 1:28 AM

Hah! But how far along the autism spectrum are these two? And is anyone claiming to understand how they feel or how other people feel about them?