Magic New Poster for Aussie-Indian Film MY CORNERSTONE

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Magic New Poster for Aussie-Indian Film MY CORNERSTONE
Update: We now have a second poster for the film, which gives a more balanced idea of what the film is about. This one firmly pitches the film as a romantic comedy, although the magic vest still features. Check it out in the gallery below. 

I've never paid much attention to Bollywood-style movies aimed at the Indian market until this past year, when I started reading J Hurtado's reviews here at Twitch (shout-out to Eega). So it's with a little excitement that I saw the poster for Aussie Indian film My Cornerstone, as I knew I could share it here with an already attuned audience.

Written by enterprising actor James Morcan (the dashing gent in the poster) and directed by Stanley Joseph, My Cornerstone appears to be three movies in one. The poster suggests everything from magic (sorry, illusions) to clones, while the official synopsis suggests a drama:

A young Indian nurse moves to Sydney where she's placed in the household of a wealthy Indian-Australian family and given the task of caring for an elderly lady.

Meanwhile, the film's only entry on Wikipedia lists it as a romance. Only time (and possibly, magic) will reveal what truly happens. There's not much more information online, but we'll endeavor to bring you updates when we discover more.
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