IMAGINE 2013 Reveals Its Dizzying Line-up

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IMAGINE 2013 Reveals Its Dizzying Line-up
What started decades ago as The Weekend Of Terror soon had to be renamed into the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, because it incorporated more than just horror. A good thing too, as this inclusion of other genres made the festival last more than a week. And ever since more "normal" thrillers could also be found in its catalog, even THATname didn't seem to sum the content up appropriately. Therefore, these day the festival is simply named Imagine. Whatever its name, the festival has a consistent reputation for kicking ass.

And rightly so, as this year's selection once again shows. It includes a healthy dose of everything: anime, horror, fantasy, science fiction, documentaries, crime, name it!

The full roster can be seen at the festival website, and highlights include:
The Wolf Children, Frankenstein's Army, Eega, Gangs of Wasseypur, The Grandmaster, Antiviral, The ABC's of Death, Resolution, Maniac, Rurouni Kenshin...

The list is long and fascinating, with many known titles and some pretty surprising ones. It will make you almost as dizzy as this year's festival poster. So do have a look, and feel free to recommend some titles to us! The full list is now up on the Imagine website.

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mortis rexMarch 18, 2013 1:52 PM

Frankenstein's Army... who could've IMAGINEd??? The line-up for the Night of Terror does however suck this year. Why screen The Last Exorcism 2 for a bloodthirsty midnight crowd while you've got hotly anticipated titles like Maniac and Frankensteins's Army playing during the rest of the fest?