THE FINAL JUDGEMENT Is Upon Japan! Brought To You By Happy Science!

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THE FINAL JUDGEMENT Is Upon Japan! Brought To You By Happy Science!
We should clarify that when we say that the trailer for The Final Judgement is for a Japanese spiritual thriller, we do not mean ghosts and goblins but religion: Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad. The whole lot. 

I do not know if any of the other world religions make such movies, but this reminds me of the terrible Christian Left Behind movies (the first one starred Kirk Cameron - thumbs up!) and one called The Omega Code, which thankfully I never saw on the shelves of the library at my place of worship.

So why write about The Final Judgement at all? Well, according to our source this movie is one of the first of its kind in Japan to be funded and made by a religious organization. So it is a bit of an oddity in that nation. The organization - some call it a cult - is called Happy Science, producers in the past of one other live action and one animated project that we are aware of.

The basic teachings of Happy Science are "Exploration of the Right Mind" and the "Principles of Happiness." According to (founder) Okawa, in order to obtain happiness one must practice the Principles of Happiness known as "The Fourfold Path," Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection and Progress.

Call them what you will, but Happy Science got the money together and made this movie, gathering together a cast including Shishido Jo, famous for his roles in many yakuza films, and Namiki Shiro (Ichi, The Sinking of Japan, Confessions of a Dog).

In 2009, a young man Shogo Washio (26) senses danger from the military expansion of the Asian giant Ouran. He establishes the Future Restoration Party with Kenzo Nakagishi, and stands as a candidate in the House of Representatives. Even though he gains the support of people like Lin (20), a young woman from Ouran, he suffers a major defeat in the election.

Several years later, the warning put out by Shogo and friends is realized. Suddenly, the skies above Shibuya are covered in military helicopters from Ouran, and Japan is helpless to resist occupation. Under the occupation, freedom of speech and religion is lost and those who resist the dictatorship are summarily rounded up and put to death.

During this time, Shogo joins up with the underground organization ROLE, which is sheltering believers oppressed by Ouran. ROLE's leader is Yujiro Nakagishi, Kenzo's father. Yujiro tells Shogo: "We believe in the power of people to believe in God." Can the world, which had lost hope, recover the future? The answer to this question is connected with the birth of a New Savior.

The film opened in Japan this past June. So far it has not come true.

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hutchFebruary 22, 2013 12:18 PM

Happy Science vs Zebraman

BrianFebruary 22, 2013 8:31 PM

Happy Science remind me of fictional cult used by Japanese comic book artist Naoki Yamamoto

BrianFebruary 22, 2013 8:33 PM

His is called Smiley Face Center

for general info:

seriously February 24, 2013 11:04 AM

so basically Japan decides to remake Red Dawn with a budget of 45 bucks