Australian Soccer Indie TOTAL FOOTBALL Available To Watch Online

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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Australian Soccer Indie TOTAL FOOTBALL Available To Watch Online
Australia is producing a surfeit of sporting movies at the moment. Stellar cricket comedy bromance Save Your Legs has opened across the country, while Aussie rules football drama Blinder is waiting in the wings (or half-back flank) for its March 7 release. Last year big wave surf documentary Storm Surfers 3D rode across screens, and later this year we'll have another surf movie, Drift, based on Australian surfing in the 1970s.

Amid all these big fish is Total Football, a small indie (formerly called Offside) set in the world of Australian soccer - or football, as purists like to call it - written and directed by Gian Carlo Petraccaro. I haven't seen the film yet but have been enjoying following the spirited promotion of the film, especially since the producers made the film available for audiences to watch online.

Take a look at the teaser below and check out the website link to watch the film.
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