Watch Two Exclusive Clips From Slamdance Doc TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY

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Watch Two Exclusive Clips From Slamdance Doc TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY
Hands up everyone who actually reads the End User License Agreements when they start using a new piece of software or a new website. Anyone? No? Me neither. But Cullen Hoback's Slamdance selected documentary Terms And Conditions May Apply may make you rethink that.

A Facebook post sends a SWAT team to a New York comedian's apartment; the AOL search results of television writer fit the profile of a serial killer. Privacy is at the heart of Cullen Hoback's riveting documentary: how we give it away, and how it is taken from us. The "terms and conditions" of software contracts map a journey through the brave new world we have unwittingly opted in to. Wiretapping, surveillance, prosecution of thought crimes, and the data mining of our computer, GPS, and telephone records are shown to have become legally enshrined. Hoback's deft editing takes us through an impressive collection of conversations, including Moby, Margaret Atwood, Ray Kurzweil, Mark Zuckerberg, and Anonymous hacktivist Barret Brown. Indicting governments and corporate interests for the commodification of our private lives, Terms And Conditions May Apply urges us to push back.
We're proud to premiere a pair of clips from the film below. Take a look and remember that if Big Brother is watching it's because you gave him permission.

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