One Of These Nine Films Will Be Oscar's Best Foreign-Language Film

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One Of These Nine Films Will Be Oscar's Best Foreign-Language Film
Oscar's short list for the Best Foreign Language Film has been narrowed to nine titles, a list heavily focused on Europe and including exactly zero titles from Asia. Which means, in a surprising move, Kim Ki-duk's Venice winner Pieta is out of the running. The final nomination list of five will be culled from these titles:

Amour - Michael Haneke - Austria
A Royal Affair - Nikolaj Arcel - Denmark
The Untouchables - Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano - France
The Deep - Baltasar Kormákur - Iceland
Kon-Tiki - Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg - Norway
Beyond the Hills - Cristian Mungiu - Romania
Sister - Ursula Meier - Switzerland
War Witch (Rebelle) - Kim Nguyen - Canada
No - Pablo Larraín - Chile

What do you think of the list? Any obvious omissions? Favorites you think should win? Other films you think actually will?
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  • UTG

    I'd love to see Intouchables win but Amore has had this in the bag since Cannes.

    Surprised Sister is included i liked it but it would be a weak oscar nom

  • Yorgo

    Please just anyone but Haneke.

  • obviously untouchables will win. no doubt about it. the academy doesn't like intellectuals like Haneke and a worldwide succesfull tearjerker....simple

  • Joe Foolio

    Hah, "The Untouchables" is back and ready to take on the foreign film section for a second oscar. Sweeeet!!! It's actually just "Untouchable" or "The Intouchables".

  • wagnerfilm

    Amour will win. It has the buzz.

  • When The White Ribbon came out, they said it'd win the Oscar. Then what?

    This year, The Untouchables should win. Beyond the Hills and Kon Tiki may win. But who knows?

  • Me

    White Ribbon was robbed!

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