Marvel At Animated Penis Western THE WILLIES: WANTED MELODY

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Marvel At Animated Penis Western THE WILLIES: WANTED MELODY
Yes. that's a penis in a hat. With a star pinned to its shaft. Continue on and you'll also have the opportunity to watch a penis ride a horse. It's all part of Wanted Melody, one episode of Paul Jaulmes and Boris Croise's proposed series of short animations The Willies. Yes, the young French animators are making a series of short films across a variety of genres, all of them starring penises as the main characters. And to help fuel their fundraising efforts on Indiegogo they have released Wanted Melody online in its entirety.

Enjoy the riding penis below.

Wanted Melody by wantedmelody
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  • Jimmy Ray Winchester

    My balls ached with every step. And the bars? OUCH.

  • mOOjr

    I shutter every time he jumps.

  • carl

    Penis in a cowboy hat? so someone made a Robert Rodriguez biopic?

  • Hey, look at this brazilian production :D
    very similar.

  • eduardopanizzo

    I'm not a fan of the term but it has to be said that this is... Amazeballs!

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